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Inivis’ new AC3D version 6.8 now out

Cross-platform 3D modeling application by Inivis Limited gets feature update. AC3D 6.8 offers new surface modeling feature, texture part selection isolation and more…


Inivis Limited has updated their modeling application known as AC3D, to version 6.8. AC3D is a versatile modeler that is not very well known due to the company’s low profile in the 3D software space. It runs natively on both Windows and Mac.

AC3D 6.8

Briefly, AC3D has a particularly strong suit in its ability to import and export to a huge range of other 3D file formats. Some of the more popular file formats supported include:

  • Autodesk 3D Studio Max (import/export)
  • Collada (import/export)
  • Autodesk DXF (import/export)
  • Google Earth (export)
  • Autodesk Inventor (export)
  • Lightwave 3D (import/export)
  • OBJ (import/export)
  • Pixar Renderman (export)
  • STL (import/export)

AC3D supports booleans, SubDivision Surfaces, the ability to model organic shapes, a UV unwrapper/mapper, polygon reduction, unlimited multi-view screen setups and more.

01 - Inivis Limited has introduced AC3D version 6.8 with new features. (image courtesy of Inivis Limited, copyright Thor Danielsen, 2011)

New features in 6.8 include a texture coordinate editor. Now you can simply select the texture parts in the TCE, then select Edit > Select > Select TCE Surface and the surfaces that have the selected mapping are no isolated in the main AC3D selection.

Divide Loop, a plugin by Supercoldmilk, is now included with all versions. This plugin slices a strip of 2 or more surfaces along its length. It also works well with clusters of surfaces and is useful for adding extra detail to an object.

AC3D 6.8 retails for 89.95.USD and there are upgrades available. There is also a downloadable trial, as well as site and network licenses. To learn more go here.

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