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Tidbits: Ashlar, T-Splines and Vectorworks news

Mac CAD and 3D News: We have tidbits on Graphite v8 SP3, plus news on the latest T-Splines v3 Beta for Rhino, and finally some Vectorworks news


Ashlar Vellum’s Graphite v8 Gets SP 3

Catching up on some older news, Ashlar Vellum released Service Pack 3 for Graphite Version 8 back in late January. Graphite is their 2D/3D precise wireframe drafting environment. There are over a dozen user-requested enhancements and issues addressed in this release, including:

  • Implemented Preference setting for mouse wheel direction
  • Added support for first pen button on some Windows tablets
  • Clarified Edit Object dialog box for midpoint line objects
  • Enhanced Preferences for track arrow settings for Pen menu

SP3 is free for all registered users, including Cobalt and Xenon version 8 users with a courtesy license of Graphite. Upgrades are available and pricing depends on length of older version. To learn more visit them here:

T-Splines v3 Beta for Rhino Released

T-Splines v3 beta for Rhino has been released, featuring significant new features, speed enhancements, and optimizations. Anyone with a current paid license of T-Splines v2 for Rhino can use the beta, which you can download here now.

For those users who purchase T-Splines for Rhino v2 now they will receive version 3 for free when it is released later this year.

Highlights of T-Splines v3

T-Splines now has 64-bit Rhino 5 support. Rhino 5 of course is still in public beta also. Version 3 has greater capacity to handle larger models and faster speed. There is a new display mode called tsShiny that hightlights the beautiful contours of your T-Spline model. SubD surface to NURBS conversion has been optimized, wherein some triangles are permitted in the model. Pipe is a powerful and easy to use command that creates a T-Spline out of a network of  intersecting curves. It is also Rhino history enabled. There are also several other new features and improvements.

To learn more about T-Splines version 3 go here now.

Vectorworks News

In the latest Vectorworks eDispatch, the company announces it is a sponsor of 2011, a student design competition. This is a lighting design student competition and the grand prize will win a professional license of Lightwright 5 and Vectorworks Spotlight 2011 with Renderworks, plus a single license of Field Template SoftSymbols V3.

The company has a video tip on using the Render Bitmap tool here. Plus creating sweeps here.

Lastly, the company touts the use of BIMstop for finding quality model content in a variety of formats for your BIM (building information model).

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