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Draft for iPad – new drawing app from 37signals

37 Signals creates Draft for iPad. New tools is highly focused like the rest of the company’s signature applications.

The folks behind the phenomenal Web 2.0 application hits Basecamp and Backpack are at it again, this time with a nifty new application called Draft for iPad. Draft is 37signals’ first application for the iPad or iPhone OS (iOS 4.0 as it is now known). As usual the company has developed this application with laser-like focus on what it is suppose to do.

Draft for iPad

Draft is a basic sketch application for the iPad only. It has email and Campfire sharing. Campfire is a 37signals web application. One of the great things about Draft for iPad is how focused this application is on being a conceptual sketch tool and nothing more.

Draft features a low-resolution, thick-point sharpie like pen which forces the user to draw at the “big picture” level. It’s about ideas! Draft makes it very easy to develop concepts for a host of situations, from charts, idea-grams, bubble diagrams, parti sketches and user-interface design concepts.

01 - Draft for iPad by 37 Great first application from the folks who know how to keep applications focused.

Draft features just one pen size, designed to emulate a sharpie pen on paper. 37 Signals says that Draft is a “just draw and share the damn thing quickly” tool. It is not for fine art!

Draft is also not for playing with colors or making anything pretty whatsoever. Draft features just one pen thickness in two colors: red and white, over a black background. The integration with Campfire is a way for users to integrate conceptual drawings into that Web application’s collaboration features.

Draft is available on the App Store for your iPad now. It cost 9.99.USD. To learn more go here.

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  1. Go to the Apple store and speak to a Genius. That’s my recommendation.

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