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Autodesk Maya 2011 announced – Mac now 64 bit

Autodesk intros Maya 2011 at GDC Event – New 64-bit Mac support plus upgraded FBX utilities and upgraded integration with Final Cut Pro.


Autodesk has announced this week the upcoming Autodesk Maya 2011 software featuring many new capabilities and a brand new user-interface (UI). The new UI is based on Nokia’s Qt software technologies which makes it much more flexible, customizable and modern. An enhanced 3D editorial workflow and enhanced skinning provide 3D artists with new capabilities and performance. Maya 2011 strengthens is position as a foundation for modern film and game pipelines.

Key New Features in Maya 2011

There are several key new features in Maya 2011 some of which are specifically aimed at Mac OS X users. Starting with the Mac features first:

  • Mac OS X 64-bit Availability – Mac users can now access considerably larger memory to handle complex scenes with a new 64-bit executable.
  • FBX technologies have been brought up to speed with Maya 2011 format
  • Redesigned User Interface – Nokia’s Qt software development technology is behind Maya 2011’s modern user interface, offering more power and flexibility.
  • High Performance Core – Maya 2011 has a brand new graphics pipeline that helps speed up overall performance, especially related to the feedback speed in viewports.
  • Improved Maya Composite – A new Vector Paint feature in Maya Composite dramatically improves its painting and rotoscoping capabilities.
  • Accelerated 3D Editorial Workflow – new Camera Sequencer adds powerful multicamera editorial capabilities to help facilitate pre-visualization and virtual movie-making production using the Maya timeline. The Camera Sequencer supports import of both AAF and Apple Final Cut Pro EDLs.
  • Enhanced Skinning Workflow – A new dual quaternion option for smooth skinning, interactive volume binding and enhancements to Paint Skin Weights tool.

Maya 2011 will be available in English and Japanese in April 2010. (SRP) for Autodesk Maya 2011 stand-alone license is 3,495.USD while the (SRP) for the upgrade is 1,745.USD.

You can check out some features on Autodesk’s YouTube channel here.

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