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Punch offers Shark LT Attack on CAD market

Punch Software goes after niche market for high-end MCAD Team Support with Shark LT and CATIA-based technology.


Kansas City-based Punch Software, LLC., today announced the new Shark LT, a comprehensive 2D/3D CAD package aimed at addressing a niche of users who require the capabilities of more expensive CAD systems but at a dramatically lower price. Shark LT is a fully native Mac OS X software application that also runs cross-platform providing users with mix-platform flexibilities that more expensive Mechanical CAD systems often lack. 

CATIA V5 Licensed Technology

Shark LT includes licensed technology for Dassault Systemes’ CATIA version 5 PLM (product life-cycle management) and MCAD application. This technology enables Shark LT to automatically produce precise 2D drawings from 3D model data, using the model to sheet tool palette.

Shark LT is highlighted by its new professional drafting, annotation and GD&T and markup tools allowing Shark LT users to more effectively work in a group environment. Users can review and “redline” drawings using Shark LT and track changes using Shark’s markup labeling system. 

Shark LT supports both 2D and 3D capabilities with an large set of 3D design tools for performing both surface and solids modeling functions. You can product NURBS surfaces using over 17 construction methods like skinning, lofting and blending. You can edit foreign parts using direct face modeling. And you can blend, chamfer and shell complex models. 

“Shark LT provides professional drafting features above and beyond our highly successful ViaCAD product line.” said Paul Bay, CEO of Punch Software. “By combining state of the art technology with an intuitive user interface, Shark LT is an indispensable tool for professional design and drafting.”

Shark LT supports over 25 file formats including SAT, IGES, STEP, STL, OBJ, VRML, and DXF/DWG. This makes it highly interoperable with other popular CAD platforms. 

Shark LT is available immediately for 495.99.USD. Upgrades from ViaCAD products  are available as is a 99.USD upgrade from TurboCAD Mac Pro.

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