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SIG: Bonzai 3D previewed at Siggraph 2008

formZ Developer Will Showcase New SketchUp Competitor at Annual 3D and Graphics Software Convention


Back at the AIA show I spent some time with Chris Yessios talking to him about BonZai 3D (you can read that short interview here). Now at SIGGRAPH auto-des-sys, Inc., will continue to demo the upcoming SketchUp competitor called BonZai 3D.

This easy-to-master modeler and renderer application is native on Mac OS X and Windows and has more powerful modeling capabilities than SketchUp but retains the same easy to use “push-and-pull” like methodology. It is built on formZ’s trademark strengths and includes solids and NURBS plus reliable Booleans.

BonZai 3D at SIGGRAPH 2008

Created for the conceptual stage of architecture, industrial design, interiors or other object-based creation fields BonZai 3D offers the 3D community a fresh approach to powerful but easy to use modeling. A listing of its major capabilities follows:

  • Built on legendary formZ code base
  • Fluid, powerful and smart user interface
  • All classic modeling tools: extrusions, sweeps, transformations, etc.
  • Real-time Booleans
  • NURBS curves and surfaces
  • Dynamic graphic editing
  • Advanced Interactive Rendering with Shadows and Transparency
  • Graphic texture map editing
  • Google Earth and SketchUp compatibility
  • Embedded video tutorials
  • Smart 3D Drawing

BonZai 3D is soon to be in a public beta testing stage. “With BonZai and form.Z, we are covering both ends of the spectrum in the 3D industry”, said David Kropp, co-founder of AutoDesSys, and Senior VP of Development. “BonZai is the easy, albeit very accurate and powerful application, while form.Z is the complete professional tool that has carried the 3D torch for close to 20 years now and can appease all the modeling needs one can think of. The entry level modelers currently on the market simply cannot address the demand to cover the gambit from sketching all the way to fabrication, and we aim to close this gap with our new offering.”

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