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Next Limit wins Academy Award

Mac and Windows 3D Developer from Spain to Win Oscar for Technical Achievements and Contributions to Motion Pictures


Victor Gonzalez, Ingacio Vargas and Angel Tena will be receiving a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences this February, as Oscar night draws near.

The three are credited for their acclaimed RealFlow technology, used to simulate realistic liquids.

Forty Years

This is the first Spanish company in 40 years to win such an award from the film industry’s most prestigious group, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Next Limit, makers of Maxwell Render and RealFlow have been prominent in the film industry for years thanks to their fluid dynamics software, RealFlow, now at version 4.

“We are ecstatic and honored to have been awarded the Technical Achievement Academy Certificate,” said Next Limit CEO and Academy Award® winner Victor Gonzalez. “This is our ultimate reward for the endless efforts, dedication and sleepless nights that we have been investing in this application for the past ten years. What started off as a vision, an idea, a small project from a Spanish company, has now grown into an Academy Awarded® and highly innovative application that is being used by the largest, most appreciated and best studios and production companies around the world. We are extremely proud of that,” said Victor.

RealFlow software has been used to create special effects in some of the most major film hits in recent years such: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Ice Age 2, 300, and National Treasure: Book of Secrets and Primeval. studios such as Blue Sky Studios, Weta Digital and Walt Disney use their software.

To learn more about RealFlow go here.

To learn more about Maxwell Render go here.

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