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BSD Aims to Bring Specs to BIM—With New Leaders And Capital Injection

Visionary thought leaders join the company and secure capital to advance products to pioneer the convergence of specification and BIM technologies. But the cloud, and hence mobile, will need to play a future role in success.


New Report—How VR and AR Will Impact Business in 8 Ways

An engaging infographic by Skilled discusses the massive growth expected in both VR and AR impacted industries.


Autodesk Senior Vice President Amarpreet Hanspal Sells 39K Shares of Stock

Autodesk’s Hanspal sells shares at optimal time, netting US 3 million, and above 12-month average analysts share price—and on the heels of its first quarter selling only subscription-only licenses.


Mac 3D News: The Foundry kicks off with a new majority owner

The Foundry, a leading provider of award-winning creative software, announced a majority investment from HgCapital, one of the UK’s most prestigious private equity firms.