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Ultra-fast Redshift Render Comes to Houdini

World’s fastest renderer—Redshift—is coming to Houdini and then next it will be Maxon’s Cinema 4D. Redshift supports other 3D packages already.


Redshift is the world’s first fully GPU-accelerated, biased renderer. And the company has added Houdini to its growing list of digital content creation (DCC) tools which support its rendering engine.

Houdini Integration

Redshift already integrates with Autodesk’s 3D packages including Softimage, Maya and 3ds Max (various versions, see site here) and now Houdini is coming up next, followed by Maxon’s Cinema 4D.

Houdini artists can now utilize Redshift as its rendering backbone by integrating the Redshift plugin. The features that then get supported include:

  • Hair and Fur –Support of the Houdini curve primitives, that are extracted as RS hair objects.
  • Houdini Primitives — Automatic and configurable tessellation of the Houdini primitive surfaces (primitives, nurbs, etc.).
  • Instancing/Particles — Support of the Houdini instancing, including the Instance OBJ node, and the “instance” and “instancepath” attributes, extracted as RS Instances or RS Point Clouds.
  • User Data Attributes — Support for arbitrary user data attributes per object or instance, enabling shading variation without requiring different materials.
  • Strands — Render of any kind of Houdini primitive as RS strands.
  • Volumes — Direct rendering of OpenVDB files and the Houdini Volume and VDB primitives. Support of volume instancing and velocity grids.
  • Non-GUI tools — The plugin is compatible with all the Houdini non-GUI tools (hython, hscript, etc.) and includes a set of custom HScript commands to control the renderer.

Users of Redshift with a maintenance contract have access to this plugin as standard. To learn more visit here.

01 - Redshift is the world's first fully GPU based biased renderer. It now supports Houdini.

01 – Redshift is the world’s first fully GPU based biased renderer. It now supports Houdini.



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