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NALSA ArchiFlash for iPhone updates have arrived

NALSA updates ArchiFlash for latest standards and it runs on your iPhone


Designed to help you pass the multiple-choice sections of the ARE (architectural registration exam) 4.0, ArchiFlash for iPhone has been fully updated to reflect the latest test data.

ArchiFlash Details

ArchiFlash runs on iOS for iPhone and contains over 1,160 flash cards covering all multiple-choice sections of the ARE. Besides the flashcard based question format the cards contain timesaving charts, essential definitions, diagrams, drawings, key equations and a whole lot more.

You can choose to study in various ways, including studying by division, study by content (eg: plumbing, wind forces, architectural history, etc) or study by question type (eg: definitions, drawings, charts or diagrams).

01 - NALSA's ArchiFlash 2.0 is fully updated for latest ARE 4.0 architect's exam and runs on your iPhone or iPad.

ArchiFlash 2.0 for ARE 4.0 allows you to shuffle the deck, save your place, bookmark cards and perform searches on terms.

The program runs on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, though it is designed for the iPhone sized format. It requires iOS 4.0.1 or later. The program is 149.99.USD and is available from the iTunes Store. To learn more visit NALSA online here.

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