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Siggraph 2009 Architosh Coverage

Architosh’s full Siggraph 2009 New Orleans Coverage is outlined in this feature report. As the Siggraph activities continue this week we will continue to cover news and special reports.

This year’s computer graphics show Siggraph 2009 is being held this week in New Orleans. Will be releasing Siggraph Show reports all week and will round out coverage on this special feature page. Below you will find key links to news and features from the show plus an outline of the Mac-related companies at the show. 

Siggraph Features

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Siggraph Exhibition: Mac Software for 3D

Even though attendance at the show is off due to the poor economy, there are still plenty of exciting companies at Siggraph this year and lots of excellent news. Here is our working list:

  • auto-des-sys, Inc. — the formZ and bonzai 3D makers are having a good show; a primary focus is the new bonzai 3D release, now at version 1.1 and news of some modeling contest and other announcements. Booth #2109. 
  • Autodesk Inc. — the software giant is also a giant presence at Siggraph and this year the company has made several announcements regarding Autodesk 2010 branded products. See our many news reports. Booth #2201. 
  • Andersson Technologies — The makers of SynthEyes is a cross-platform 32/64-bit 3D tracking/match-moving/stablization software offering high-performance technology at an affordable price. Architosh has written about SynthEyes before (click here). Booth #2607.
  • Blender Institute — Blender is the free and open-source 3D creation suite that runs across multiple platforms. Excellent on Mac OS X, it is supported by an army of over 100 open-source programmers. Booth #3701.
  • Craft Animations and Entertainment AB — The makers of Craft Animations software, runs on both Windows and Mac OS X. Booth #3325
  • Cebas Visual Technology — this company is at Siggraph and they have some interesting technology, including finalRender Stage-2 for Maya and CINEMA 4D. This product will be coming out for the Mac OS X platform in a future version, so it is something for us to watch. Booth 3207.
  • e-on software — e-on software is introducing the next version of Vue to show attendees at Siggraph this year. This year they are previewing Vue 8. Booth 2909.
  • Google — Google is at Siggraph showing its many 3D technologies such as SketchUp and Google Earth. Booth #2719.
  • IntegrityWare, Inc. — IntegrityWare makes a geometry kernel for ISVs (independent software developers) and competes with ACIS, Parasolid and SMLib. IntegrityWare’s technology is used in such products as Autodesk 3ds Max and Rhino. Booth #2125
  • Lightwork Design Limited — the makers of the LightWorks the leading rendering engine used in countless CAD and 3D applications. LightWorks Design introduced LightWorks Artisan this year at the show. Booth #2635.
  • MAXON Computer — makers of the famous CINEMA 4D 3D suite software. MAXON’s software is used on many of the top movies in the world, such as Disney’s The Curse of the Black Pearl and War of the Worlds. Booth #3219. 
  • Nvidia — the graphics card super power is always at Siggraph showcasing their many hardware and software technologies. Booth #2001. 
  • Next Limit Technologies — Next Limit makes the award-winning RealFlow software technology for Mac OS X and Windows used in countless films and broadcast TV shows. And they make Maxwell Render. Booth # 2919. 
  • PipelineFX LLC — this company produces Qube, an enterprise-class render farm management system for film, visual effects, game development and digital media production. Architosh has written about Qube before. Supported applications include Apple’s Shake and Pixar’s Renderman to name just a few. Also, Maya, Softimage, 3ds Max and Nuke. All platforms are supported. Booth #2623
  • Pixar Animation Studios — Pixar is always a major booth participant at Siggraph and they showcase the use of their RenderMan products there in addition to allowing for networking and job-fair activities. Booth #2117
  • RapidMind, Inc. — this IBM spin-off has been talked about on Architosh for quite some time now. RapidMind makes software that enables software developers to recode for multi-core architectures. Their products work and target multiple silicon architectures including PowerPC and Intel x86. Booth #3131. 
  • Robert McNeel & Associates — The makers of Rhino are at Siggraph of course showcasing one of the world’s most advanced NURBS modelers that now runs on both Windows and Mac OS X. Architosh has been talking about Rhino extensively over the past few years. Booth #2030.
  • Side Effects Software — the makers of Houdini, which is now a first-class and native Mac OS X application. All Houdini applications work seamlessly across Mac OS X, Linux and Windows operating platforms. Booth 3206. 
  • Smith Micro Software — the makers of multiple prosumer-level and professional 3D applications. Its graphics software group continues to grow as it supports the founders and developers of many stalwart applications on the Mac and Windows, such as Poser 8. Booth 2407,
  • T-Splines Inc. — the makers of T-Splines software for advanced NURBS capabilities for Rhino and other applications. Architosh has had many features on T-Splines. Booth #2028.
  • Toon Boom Animation, Inc. — The world leader in animation software solutions, Toon Boom Animation produces products like Toon Boom Studio and Toon Boom Animate Pro. These products work beautifully on Mac OS X in addition to Windows and offer world-class features. Booth #3604.
  • Wacom – Wacom is the maker of Wacom tablets for pen input into computer graphics programs. Architosh has reviewed Wacom products before and Wacom is a staple at Siggraph. Wacom also makes touch-based displays. Booth #2509.

Siggraph News

We will be listing all our news reports on Siggraph 2009 below but for the time being you can see all these reports on the main Architosh home page. Each Siggraph report starts with the prefix SIG:

SIG: standalone Autodesk mental ray renderer for Mac

SIG: AutoDesSys introduces 3D modeling contest

SIG: Autodesk introduces Entertainment Creation Suites 2010

SIG: Autodesk at Siggraph New Orleans

SIG: bonzai 3D version 1.1 released

SIG: Khronos Group releases OpenGL 3.2

SIG: Lightwork Design intros Lightworks Artisan

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