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SIG: Lightwork Design intros Lightworks Artisan

At SIGGRAPH 2009 in New Orleans LightWork Design unveils a new product for software developers: Lightworks Artisan.


Responding to new market demands, LightWork Design of United Kingdom has introduced LightWorks Artisan, at the SIGGRAPH 2009 computer graphics show in New Orleans. The new product is part of a range of new solutions for small to medium sized software developers looking for a “drop-in” integrated rendering package. 

LightWorks Artisan will be applicable to existing Lightworks customers wanting to easily add new functionality to their existing implementation. Artisan incorporates Lightworks SnapShot an exciting new Lightworks technology which provides views with materials and lighting conditions, and can be saved with the model and recalled later, bringing in the same applied conditions as previously stored. LightWorks SnapShot is a key feature of the new Artisan product set. 

Partnership with Caustic Graphics

Lightworks is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Caustic Graphics, creators of CausticRT, an interactive ray tracing application platform, giving users the ability to create photorealistic images in a computationally fast and economic way. A demonstration of Caustic working with LightWorks is being shown in the LightWorks booth, number 2635. 

Now in its 20th anniversary year, Lightworks has been given a new corporate “look and feel” for the future. The new look will be unveiled at SIGGRAPH as part of the worldwide launch. 

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