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SIG: bonzai 3D version 1.1 released

bonzai 3D gets updated to version 1.1 – will be exhibited at SIGGRAPH this week along side famed formZ advanced modeling and rendering software. The new SketchUp competitor, bonzai 3D, offers new tools in this minor update which is free to registered users.


Though actually released before the SIGGRAPH show this week in New Orleans, AutoDesSys, Inc. have very recently released bonzai 3D version 1.1.

The new version fixes several bugs and improves overall application stability and tool functionality. Beyond general corrections a few new tools have been added as a prelude to the next major release. These new features will bring dimensioning and photorealistic rendering. 

New tools in bonzai 3D v1.1 include:

  • Swivel tool – a new view tool that navigates the view by changing where you are looking (but not the point from which you look)
  • Set View – adds a way to make it easier to navigate around the objects that are being worked on
  • Smooth modeling performance – performances of all operations involving smooth objects have been improved across the board
  • Help and Video Access – selecting the Manual item from the menu invoked when right clicking on a too icon, now takes you to the appropriate place in the manual for the tool is discussed. Likewise selecting View Video takes you to the most relevant video for the tool.
The formZ and bonzai 3D folks will be at SIGGRAPH this week (exhibition opens today) in booth number 2109. 

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