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01 - An Arduino board. These small microcontrollers are an open-source hardware and software platform that enable the capture of data from integrated sensors. (image courtesy the Arduino website).

Technology to Master in Architecture in 2017—Architect Magazine’s Take

Architect magazine has an interesting story and take on what technologies architects should master in 2017—spoken by some of the industry and leading firm’s digital directors and thought-leaders.

AIA: Show Reports: AIA and CMD provide Insight for Architects
Architosh to attend AIA National Atlanta—Award ‘BEST of SHOW’ honors for fourth year

Featurette: Eric Lloyd Wright — Tradition to Digital

In this news featurette, associated editor Akiko Ashley talks to Lucas Goettsche about his work with Eric Lloyd Wright, grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) and, in particular, the use of ArchiCAD on some key Lloyd Wright projects and notably on a unique “skate-able” house called the PAS project Skate House.

Transitional Shelters in Syria Designed Using ArchiCAD

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has launched a test project for temporary shelters made from bags filled with earth in Syria.

Surface Studio isn't aimed at where Microsoft already dominates (big business), it's aimed at Apple's "center heart" customers...

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