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Secret new BIM tool in the works – multi everything

We have a few details on the next BIM tool underwraps…just a few!

For well over a year we have been aware of a new BIM tool in the works from a prominent source. For now we are simply going to refer to the source of the secret BIM tool as the source.


The source shared this news with one of our fellow associate editors at approximately the same time as AIA National about a year ago. My fellow editor said, “this might be really big!” Clearly he was excited.

Crowded BIM Market?

One thing that came to my mind immediately was, does the market have room for yet another BIM tool? That’s what I was wondering a year ago.

And I’m still wondering… but here we are and even SolidWorks has entered the world of AEC 3D tools. Perhaps there is more room than we imagine? But I understand that it may not be a whole new competing BIM tool in the classic sense but a tool that operates in the BIM space, complimenting other BIM tools. And that would be consistent with the structure of the BIM transformation in general.

Here We Go

So we are trying our best to secure an arrangement to learn more about this new BIM software offering that is lurking in the software labs somewhere. So here is what we currently know.

Will the new mysterious software be in the BIM space? Yes. Will the new software tool be web-based? Yes. What platforms will the new software support? All of them. Will it support iOS for tablets like the iPad for instance? Yes.

This isn’t much to chew on. We know. We don’t know for example the scale of the tool. What types of problems it addresses. Or how it might interact with other BIM tools. As you can see we don’t know much yet. But we know from the source that they believe this tool is very important and the BIM market needs it.

I hate mysteries like this. I’m dying to know what this new tool is. Hopefully, we will all find out soon enough.

Reader Comments

  1. Posted by:
    June 15, 2011 09:11 am EDT

    This sounds exciting! It sounds like Solidworks Live Buildings to me. I hope it is for real. Let us know soon …

  2. Posted by:
    June 15, 2011 09:11 am EDT

    This sounds exciting! It sounds like Solidworks Live Buildings to me. I hope it is for real. Let us know soon …

  3. No, it’s not that. We know about SolidWorks Live Buildings. Obviously the idea of a new tool described as much needed in the market, one that is OS flexible, Web-ready and can run on iOS devices all sounds is exciting. It also sounds like a web-based app. But again we don’t know everything yet! Hopefully mid-summer we will get the complete scoop!

  4. Posted by:
    July 13, 2011 04:53 pm EDT

    I couldn’t get less excited at the prospect of a web-based BIM app.

    Let me know when someone builds a native Mac-only BIM app from the ground up and I’ll get excited.

  5. We hope to know more about this new solution coming soon.

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