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Commentary: What CAD blogs do you read, why?

What CAD sites and blogs do you like to read, in addition to Architosh?

When I attended Nemetschek North America’s Press Event this past September I got a chance to meet some fellow CAD journalists. Some I’ve known for years via email, a few I’ve met before at other industry events, and even fewer I’ve both known and met long ago. Most of these folks I respect very much. Some are of the old-guard generation, while some are younger writers writing for old established pubs. But the event got me thinking and wondering about which publications and writers in the industry Architosh readers regularly turn to — in addition to this site — for news. Here are a few of the leading pubs and blogs on CAD you might also read:

I am aware there are a few others (not including the link aggregator sites TenLinks and that offer original reviews, opinions, tutorials and event coverage so add them to the comment fields below. I’d love to hear what you like to read and why.

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