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Tidbit: Intel and Dreamworks team up on Super Bowl 3D

Dreamworks and Intel team up on Super Bowl 3D.

Super Bowl 2009 commercials featured more 3D graphics than ever before this year. In fact, a partnership between Intel and Dreamworks resulted in the two companies distributing 125 million 3D glasses to Super Bowl viewers so they could enjoy the special effects wonders of two ads in particular: the Monsters vs Alien ad and the 3D SoBe Lizard Lake ad. 

Intel has published a special interview on Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of Dreamworks talking about their upcoming 3D movie plans. There is also a discussion about the benefits of the new ColorCode Paper 3D glasses.

Reader Comments

  1. For more on Intel and Dreamworks plans you can read up on InTru-3D ™ here on Wikipedia. This partnership and its planned first release of a new type of 3D movie (Monsters vs Aliens will premier in theaters March 27, 2009) will be interesting to follow. If it is successful, what will Disney’s Pixar Animation Studios do to react to it? That is one of the more interesting questions.

    One thing is for sure, InTru-3D, may start a revolution of sorts in 3D viewing both in film, TV and gaming.

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