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What will iCloud be? Our thoughts…

Thoughts on the iCloud madness…

Today Steve Jobs will be keynoting the WWDC 2011 Apple conference for developers in California. I personally am excited to see not just what Jobs may introduce about iCloud but to see Steve Jobs, the man, after this current medical leave. I think I reflect most in the IT and business industry when I say that nothing will bring more pleasure than to see Jobs recover fully and return to Apple a healthy man.


Now that we are all starting to use a plethora of digitally connected devices (many starting with the letter “i”…) it is becoming all too important for us to stay connected to our data, at all times, from any of these devices. And let’s admit it–syncing sucks!


When I face data syncing issues I think about Steve. He probably has less patience for that kind of problem than I do–and I have VERY little patience! So do I believe Jobs & Co. will be addressing this fundamental problem today? Yes.

I think the music deals are just a part of it. What Apple needs to do is  get in on the action that is happening all over out there with the Cloud. Cloud service providers are doing things that save people headaches and they are making money at it. Company’s like Dropbox, LiveDrive, Mozy, ElephantDrive, Amazon, Google, Nirvanix,, and a list of others including business-oriented providers like Mezeo, EMC Atmost Online, Amazon S3, Rackspace, Eucalptus and others.

iCloud may just start with music, movies, books and iLife suite stuff today. But even if it simply replicates MobileMe’s iDrive feature that will initiate a process towards data storage in the cloud for Apple. In about three more hours we will all know what iCloud really is!

Reader Comments

  1. We are somewhat pleased to see that iCloud was indeed more along the lines we were thinking. Though it is yet clear to us if it can truly compete with pure “cloud storage” or backup options. We will be doing a comparison in the future.

    One excellent iCloud feature we like is the simultaneous syncing of your chosen documents up to iCloud and then down to other devices or computers. We like that you can possibly get to your latest work no matter where you are.

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