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Mac turns 25 Tomorrow! Share your thoughts with us

The Mac turns 25 on January 24, 2009. Please share with us your thoughts on why the Mac is great and how it has contributed to your life.

The Macintosh computer platform turns 25 years old tomorrow, Jan 24th. It is hard to believe that it has been that long. I remember working on Apple II’s the same year the Mac was introduced. It was at an architecture firm in Santa Barbara where I worked after school (I was in high school then). Working on Apple computers was a treat but we didn’t draw on them. Rather they were used for writing stuff — like very long construction specifications and project manuals for architecture jobs.

Mac at 25

There is much I’d like to share about the Mac at 25. But what I’d really like to hear is what all of you think about the Mac…and how long you’ve been working on the Mac. I am sure there are many interesting and fond memories of meeting your first Mac computer, working on it doing this or that, and when you began to do serious CAD or 3D work on the Mac. 

So please write in (or comment below) and share with us your thoughts about the Mac at 25. And where you think it may be heading and what your dreams are for the Mac. We will publish everyone’s comments.


Anthony Frausto-Robledo, EIC

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