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The Most Anticipated VR/AR Event Is Nearly Here

With VR and AR getting even bigger, expect these types of events to raise even more awareness, urgency, and excitement!


Google enters the world of scalable Cloud Rendering with Zync acquisition

Google acquires ZYNC cloud rendering service star and aims to serve Hollywood with its Google Cloud Platform


AIA: Trimble’s new Concept Apps on Google’s Project Tango Look Compelling

We look discuss our meeting with Trimble at AIA where we got our first hand view of Project Tango development for the company. In this article we talk about the tech behind Project Tango and its relationship with Apple


Google’s secret project to revolutionize AEC software industry

Google X spin-off promises to revolutionize the building industry


Hot News: Trimble announces acquisition of SketchUp

Trimble buys SketchUp from Google


3Dconnexion announces support of SketchUp 8

3Dconnexion updates products for SketchUp 8 software


SketchUp 8 – New Features and Solids

Google’s recently released SketchUp 8 offers some powerful new tools, including a suite of true solids functions.


Google buys 3D interface technology

Google buys 3D interface technology from BumpTop Technologies–rumors suggest Android could go 3D to take on the Apple iPad with future Android-driven tablet computers.


Sketchers Studio Brings Animation to SketchUp

New software product Sketchers Studio from Japan animates your SketchUp models–complete with basic visual effects


Tidbits: Vectorworks UG and SketchUp News

Mac CAD and 3D News: We have brief news items on a Vectorworks User Group startup movement going on in Boston and some Google Earth and related SketchUp news


Google releases new SketchUp 7.1

Google has announced a significant update to SketchUp with version 7.1. Highlights include a more robust rendering engines and enhanced collaboration and data exchange.


AIA: Show Floor Galleries and Notes 2

The AIA National Convention and Exhibition was held this year in San Francisco at the Moscone Convention Center. Famous for hosting Macworld each January and the site of Steve Jobs’ famous keynotes, the AIA show easily filled all three halls at Moscone, something Macworld has never done in recent times.


Google sponsors Aqsis RenderMan coding project

Fancy coding as a summer job this year? The Aqsis Team are looking for computer graphics students to participate in this year’s Summer of Code initiative, which is sponsored by Google.


MWSF: Gallery Four

Architosh’s Macworld Conference and Expo 2009 San Francisco Photo Galleries Continue with This Series on Mac and iPhone applications and hardware.


Google’s SketchUp 7 works with SpaceNavigator 3D mice

3Dconnexion’s award-winning 3D mice are now compatible with Google’s latest SketchUp 7 and SketchUp 7 Pro.


Google Talks to Architosh About SketchUp Pro 7

Architosh talks to John Bacus, Google’s SketchUp Product Manager, about the all new SketchUp 7 and SketchUp Pro 7 and Layout 2. Key points in the discussion include the new Dynamic Components technology and how to learn about it, discussion about OpenGL and multi-processing and multi-threading, and the value in understanding causality in interactive rendering versus determinate renders.


3Dconnexion’s 3D mice support new SketchUp 7

3Dconnexion announces support for Google’s new SketchUp 7 applications with its 3D mice including the SpaceNavigator


Google announces new SketchUp 7 and Layout 2

Google announces SketchUp 7 and LayOut 2 – Big Update includes new Dynamic Components and Live Linking of Model Data to LayOut 2


MacFive: Nov 16: Top News of the Week

MacFive™ — Top News Stories of the Week: For November 16 we see that Obama can’t take his MacBook Pro and Blackberry to the White for security reasons (though he can use Apple’s everywhere he works — he just can’t keep one) and we see the iPhone reach number one handset in the United States for Quarter 3.


Google Earth now available for iPhone 2.0

Apple’s iPhone first mobile Smartphone to get native Google Earth Application — uses Accelerometer for 3D Navigation and Interaction


Note to Readers: A Guide to the New Architosh

We have launched a new version of Architosh and are very excited about its capabilities. This article will serve as a guide to readers as we continue to make a substantial transition from our old content production system to our new CMS (content management system) software system for publishing. This guide will help you find content.


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