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Google Earth now available for iPhone 2.0

Apple’s iPhone first mobile Smartphone to get native Google Earth Application — uses Accelerometer for 3D Navigation and Interaction


Today Google launched a native version of its Google Earth application for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch devices. This is the first version of Google Earth for a smartphone or mobile phone device, though most other phones, including Google’s new Android smartphone platform, have Google Maps with all the general interactive functionaliy.

Google Earth has been downloaded over 400 million times since its introduction in 2005, and now the iPhone gains this wonderful application, complete with unique iPhone platform features. One such feature is that you can utilize the iPhone’s accelerometer to fly around and navigate in 3D by tilting the device. Google Earth for iPhone and iPod touch includes all the same features as the desktop version. 

Writing from his Google Blog, Google Earth Product Manager, Peter Birch writes, “Now, with a free download from the iTunes App Store, you can fly through the same 3D immersive world of Google Earth you’ve come to love, without having to fire up your desktop computer.”

Google Earth on your iPhone can uniquely use the iPhone’s “My Location” features to pin-point your location — just like Google Maps on iPhone — on Google Earth. You can interactively discover your location’s options for entertainment, dining, business, et cetera. To check out Google Earth on iPhone watch the video above.

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