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The Future of VR/AR—The Growing Demand for Creators of Places

What is the state-of-the-art in Virtual and Augmented Reality? Akiko Ashley of Architosh attended last week’s pivotal 2017 Vision VR/AR Summit in Los Angeles, organized by Unity Technologies, to learn exactly that question, posed through breakout sessions, panels, and highly informative displays and presentations by the world’s VR/AR leaders.

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This is the third and final page in our extensive show report on the VR/AR Summit for 2017. We are going to look next at Multiverse, then Google’s VR plans and finally. And appendix to this report follows below and will cover some companies in this space most have not heard about before.


Freeman Fan, founder, and CEO of Multiverse was greeted with a huge applause. Multiverse is a studio create large-scale VR games with intuitive gameplay. He showed a peek at a level in his new RPG/FPS “Seeking Dawn.” (image 05)

05 – Unity is best known in the world of gaming but VR /AR is going beyond gaming. 91% of all holographic apps are built with Unity. Image. Copyright Akiko Ashley. All rights reserved.

He talked about game design in Unity. He talked about how body awareness and movement was key in developing a sense of the VR world feeling real. He spoke about the obstacles of storytelling in VR and solving this. Definitely look up his company. Who is going to build these spaces and worlds, as this offers new opportunities for those in design environments?


Nathan Martz, Daydream Developer Platform Product Manager for Google, announced that Unity is now integrated with Google Tango, Google Cardboard, and Daydream.

Nathan said that Google announced a new update that will allow creators to test VR and AR changes in their app in minutes using Unity. Nathan was previously with Double Fine Studios and Lucas Arts Games.

Wrap-Up—Finally A Word About Oculus

After all these keynote speakers were done, John Riccitiello returned to the stage and with loud applause as he introduced his next guest Brendon Iribe, he is the Co-Founder and Vice President of PC VR, Oculus.

He has in the past been the CEO of Oculus VR when they first launched and later stepped down to lead the PC VR division as it’s VP. He and Palmer Luckey started a Kickstarter Campaign in 2012 for the Oculus Rift VR headset that brought in $2.4 million in investment, one of the most successful campaigns ever.

Architecture and VR/AR Are Meant For Each Other

John and Brendon talked about the industry, and Brendon said he thinks architecture and VR/AR were meant for each other. Iribe said at first when one of his employees tried to show him a walk through, he blew it off but after putting on the headset realized the immense potential this technology had for architects.

This, of course, leads us to Alan Robles, Associate & Experience Designer at Gensler. Robles did an incredible Breakout Session titled “Architects and the future of AR Design.” Robles spoke about how augmented reality (AR) is a focus for Gensler and how people are processing a lot of information in the process of architecture and how that data is collective and extended beyond them.

06 – Alan Robles from Gensler talks further about the role architects can play professionally in the technologies industries adopting AR/VR, and how “places” become very important and architects will play a key role in designing these places. Image: Copyright Akiko Ashley. All rights reserved.

Robles said the accumulation of this data from our devices is being processed to understand our choices and that technology, in general, is changing how we interact with the world and how we have had to adapt and evolve. “Technology is changing how we design,” said Robles.  “Places are very important” he added and the role of the architect is going to be instrumental in designing of “place” in the worlds of AR and VR. We are all interconnected through our devices and this was going to change how we live our lives.


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