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Why one of Apple’s most notable developers is winning big in Japan

GRAPHISOFT of Hungary is leading BIM in Japan due to a cultural match-up that is well reflected in partnership values


GRAPHISOFT’s ArchiCAD 17 scores 100 Percent in the COBie Design and Construction Documents Challenge

ArchiCAD 17 reaches Perfect Score for COBie Challenge


Firm Profile: Archiform 3D — Challenging China with Integral Design

We continue our Firm Profile series with Archiform 3D founder and president, Steve Bell. Archiform 3D is a leading global provider of advanced architectural visualization and design services operating globally. The company does amazing work and they do it all with a spartan pipeline consisting of ArchiCAD and CINEMA 4D. This is a big interview but chalk full of interesting business craft and insightful details–the kind of information Architosh is known for pulling out in stories like this. So sit back, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy the story.


Product Review: GRAPHISOFT BIMx Docs for iPad and iPhone

In this product review Architosh looks at GRAPHISOFT’S latest mobile app, the iOS-based BIMx Docs. BIMx was the first iteration of a BIM model viewing app with game-like walk-thru mode navigation, “gravity” based sensitivity–so that the walking experience felt as real as possible (no walking through walls like in the movie “Ghost”)–and door recognition. Now BIMx Docs extends on that solid base adding 2D documents and marrying the two types of viewing and navigation experiences.


GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD BIM Product of the Year in UK Award Program

ArchiCAD has won BIM Product of the Year for the 3d Straight Year in UK Hammer Awards


Boston Event: BSA ArchiCAD User Group Meeting Coming Up

Upcoming Boston area ArchiCAD user group meeting will focus on Sections and Details in version 17


ArchiCAD 17 wins TenLinks ‘Best of Show’ nominee at AIA 2013

ArchiCAD 17 awarded nod in TenLinks Best of Show at AIA 2013


AIA: Pictures from the Show Floor and Around the Convention – Part 3

Notes and pictures from AIA Denver in and around the convention hall


Product In-Depth: Looking at Graphisoft ArchiCAD 17

In this feature Product In-Depth GRAPHISOFT reviews all the key details of the latest version of ArchiCAD 17 with Architosh


Architosh awards 2nd ‘BEST of SHOW’ awards for AIA National

Architosh highlights BEST of SHOW for computer software for architects at the 2013 AIA National Convention in Denver


AIA: Graphisoft Events at AIA Denver

GRAPHISOFT events for AIA Denver are lined up, read on to learn more


New BIMobject App released for ArchiCAD

GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD gains BIMobjects App for its leading BIM solution


Graphisoft begins global rollout of ArchiCAD 17

The BIM leader from Hungary has begun shipping its flagship BIM software for the architectural industry


Live Event: Introduction to new ArchiCAD 17 BIM Software

Graphisoft to host global live event featuring prestigious Moscow building and the new ArchiCAD 17 BIM software


Graphisoft announces ArchiCAD 17 – BIM Lives in the Details

In a play on Mies van der Rohe’s famous “God lives in the details.” Hungarian-based Graphisoft and BIM pioneer has announced a major upgrade to ArchiCAD focused on several industry-first innovations.


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