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ArchiCAD 17 wins TenLinks ‘Best of Show’ nominee at AIA 2013

ArchiCAD 17 awarded nod in TenLinks Best of Show at AIA 2013


GRAPHISOFT of Hungary has announced that it has won a ‘Best of Show’ Nominee for AIA 2013 this year in Denver by TenLinks, Inc., a leading online CAD, CAM and CAE network. Among this year’s nominees is GRAPHISOFT’s ArchiCAD 17, in the complete AEC design software category.

Highlights of this year’s show included live demonstrations of ArchiCAD 17’s end-to-end design solution presenting the unique advantages in GRAPHISOFT’s one-of-a-kind BIM-based document workflow. Attendees had the opportunity to see how ArchiCAD 17 simplifies modeling and documentation–from simple models to the most detailed, data-rich models–and the tools that are uniquely available in ArchiCAD 17 to keep the BIM model ‘alive’ for the duration of the project.

TenLinks editor Roopinder Tara was on hand to observe and evaluate several products and services that would be useful for CAD, CAM and CAE professionals, including ArchiCAD 17. Reflecting on the latest version of GRAPHISOFT’s award-winning solution, Tara said, “It is a return to productivity, enhancements to wow the proletariat, the working architects, not so much the partners in the firms, the visionaries. It’s the sort of return to normalcy serious architects will applaud.”

TenLinks, Inc., is a CAD, CAD and CAE online media company founded in 1999.

Architosh Analysis

We are not at all surprised to see ArchiCAD 17 awarded this honor and others at the AIA 2013 show. Architosh itself recognized it as a Runner-Up in its 2nd annual AIA BEST OF SHOW awards this year in both the Desktop and new BIM software category….and it was the Desktop winner in our inaugural BEST OF SHOW awards in 2012.

To see all the TenLinks winners for AIA 2013 visit here.

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