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Greyscalegorilla Tactile released—Virtual Materials

Greyscalegorilla releases Tactile, a growing virtual materials library of beautiful and realistic 3D materials. It offers five stunning collections, entitled Clay Fine, Clay Rough, Clay Sculpting, Clay Doh, and Unfinished Wood.


Greyscalegorilla releases Tactile, a growing virtual materials library comprising of some of the most beautiful and realistic 3D materials ever created. Announced 5 October 2022 Tactile, offers five stunning collections, entitled Clay Fine, Clay Rough, Clay Sculpting, Clay Doh, and Unfinished Wood.

Offering more than 210 next-generation materials, Tactile enables artists to create very realistic 3D renders. Using its latest Tactile Capture Process, Greyscalegorilla Tactile has gone deeper into the details to offer fidelity rarely seen in the world of 3D design.

Greyscalegorilla screengrab.

Screen capture of Greyscalegorilla Tactile in action.

This process not merely captures superficial surface details, but a true representation of the physical nature of the material. It includes all the peaks, troughs and peculiar features that make each material unique. Greyscalegorilla founder and CEO, Nick Campbell explains:-

“While Greyscalegorilla has always been creating best-in-class 3D materials and assets, Tactile is a major step forward in realism and detail. We’re setting a new bar for material quality that 3D artists won’t even realize they’ve been missing till they see it. Tactile materials look so real, you can practically feel them. We’ve been blown away by how real these materials look in our renders, and we can’t wait for the Greyscalegorilla community to use them in their work.”

Materials so real, you can practically feel them

Launching with stunning wood and clay collections, materials in the new library feature standard material adjustment channels such as diffuse, normal, and roughness. They also incorporate real-world properties, such as translucency and optical reflectance. Greyscalegorilla’s process often reveals surface properties not immediately visible to the naked eye. This results in materials that offer stunning realism.

Maxon, CEO David McGavran tells us, “Through their plugins and materials, Greyscalegorilla, a longtime friend and partner of Maxon, has become a reliable resource for helping Cinema 4D artists pull off incredible renders. Their Tactile Library will enable artists to achieve a new level of fidelity, whether they are designing for the real world or inventing something entirely new.”

Consequently, Greyscalegorilla Tactile’s 3D PBR (physically based rendering) materials set a new standard in realism. Tactile materials are also very easy to use. They do not bog artists down in a mire of technical minutia that can all-too-often suck the pleasure out of the creative process.

Getting Tactile

Greyscalegorilla Tactile is compatible with Arnold, Octane, and Redshift in Cinema 4D. It is available exclusively as a part of a Greyscalegorilla Plus subscription. This subscription includes everything you need to make your Cinema 4D renders look more realistic at an affordable price. Membership includes access to:

  • Cinema 4D plug-ins that provide comprehensive lighting, animation, and photorealistic rendering capabilities.
  • Gorilla U, offering over five hundred hours of expert training on leading 3D toolsets and renderers. These include Arnold, Cinema 4D, Octane, and Redshift, and Houdini. Courses and tutorials cater to common themes including topography, car rendering, product visualization and lighting. They are available online 24/7.
  • Materials and texture libraries with over 2000 handcrafted, high-resolution Cinema 4D assets. It also offers access to over 500 HDRIs (high dynamic range images) for 3D.
  • New content that is added regularly to the Greyscalegorilla Plus library.

Subscriptions cost USD 49.00 a month or USD 399.00 annually. Greyscalegorilla Plus Educational Licenses are available for students and teachers. Greyscalegorilla for Teams volume licenses is also available for studio teams of three or more, on a “floating” license basis. For more information about pricing and availability, please click here. All Greyscalegorilla tools, including Greyscalegorilla Tactile are backed by the Gorilla Guarantee.

About Greyscalegorilla

Chicago-based Greyscalegorilla is a company of artists and creative technologists. It creates professional-quality 3D renders and makes motion design easy and attainable for any 3D artist. Through Greyscalegorilla Plus, artists have access to its ever-expanding library at an affordable price. This includes professional quality plug-ins, hand-curated materials, lighting tools, HDRIs, and on-demand training.

Greyscalegorilla’s focus has always been on giving individual artists the resources and knowledge they need to achieve great results. Consequently, brands, designers, and top studios around the world are using Greyscalegorilla’s tools.


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