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Epson and Spinar America Partner on Epson Moverio AR Smart Glasses

Epson Moverio AR smart glasses with Spinar America’s ‘Remote Vision’ SaaS pair with Zoom for hands-free conferencing solutions in the field.


Epson and Spinar America are partnering on Moverio® AR glasses. The mutual effort is directed at advancing AR remote assistance and collaboration experiences through these innovative and easy-to-use tools.

Epson Moverio AR

Users can now use Epson Moverio AR smart glasses and Spinar America’s Remote Vision® SaaS product with Zoom video conferencing calls; businesses can allow a remote expert to see what a local technician sees and provide real-time visual guidance from anywhere in the world by sharing content that appears in the technician’s field of view (FoV).

This solution is directed at hybrid and remote workplaces. Using the Moverio AR smart glasses, Spinar software powered by Zoom for real-time collaboration enables remote experts and on-site personnel to work together effectively and interact through hands-free communication. This saves on the cost and logistics of getting everyone in the same room.

Epson Moverio

Epson Moverio AR smart glasses are ideal for bringing remote expertise to workers on the front-line in industry, using Spinar America’s “Remote Vision SaaS product.

“Right now, businesses are in need of new communication practices and innovative productivity tools to collaborate effectively when employees can’t be in the same location,” said Kevin Weafer, CEO, Spinar America, Inc. “The Remote Vision and Epson Moverio solution goes a step beyond usual teleconferencing to provide a unique avenue for rich work and collaboration experiences, including remote assistance and on-site inspections that can improve overall business operations.”

Powered by Epson’s breakthrough Si-OLED display technology, Moverio smart glasses allow professionals to view the Remote Vision interface, powered by Zoom, including instructions and photos sent through the chatbox, via a wearable display that minimizes visual obstruction. Unlike using handheld tablets or smartphones, users wearing the Moverio smart glasses with a built-in camera have their hands free to continue working and collaborate more efficiently from remote locations.

“Businesses are evolving at a faster rate to stay ahead and accommodate the needs of today’s workforce, incorporating new remote assistance tools into day-to-day processes to improve communication over the long haul,” said Remi Del Mar, senior product manager, Digital Experiences, Augmented Reality & Commercial Display Solutions at Epson America, Inc. “We are excited to work with Spinar America to help bridge the gap between countries, cultures and borders through hands-free communication. By harnessing the power of AR for real-time collaboration, companies are able to excel in the ‘new normal.’”

Learning More

To learn more about Epson Moverio smart glasses visit here.

To learn more about Spinar America and its SaaS industry 4.0 platform visit them here.

Architosh Analysis and Commentary

With travel impacting all industries worldwide, it has become virtually impossible in some situations to deliver expertise in the form of personnel to numerous remote field or factory floor situations. This also applies to AEC job sites for buildings and infrastructure, wherein some countries require incoming non-residents to isolate themselves in designated locations for as long as 14 days. This makes it impossible to utilize expertise in personnel that typically move around as part of their job. 

The answer has been to somehow transmit this expertise to available personnel at locations worldwide. This is easier said than done. Epson’s Moverio AR smart glasses and similar solutions—particularly when paired with software that links in the expert who cannot get to a location—enables Zoom-style remote meetings where an expert can help guide and lead the non-expert to resolve some issue. 

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