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Sketchfab AR now on Apple iOS—Largest AR Library on Planet

Sketchfab AR for iOS 11 is now out and the software app maker is touting its ease of use—urges iOS 11 users to explore AR for themselves.


Following the release of ARKit by Apple, an API (application programming interface) for software developers interested in augmented reality solutions, Sketchfab has announced Sketchfab AR for iOS.

The news is significant for Sketchfab because half of all iOS users (iPads, iPhones and Touch devices) will have access to run iOS 11, which Apple has just released. That is roughly a half a billion devices. iOS11 is required to support ARKit-based augmented reality apps.

Easiest Way for Creators to Publish AR Content on iOS

The company says that given their integration with “pretty much every possible way to create 3D content,” Sketchfab AR on iOS will mark a significant milestone for content creators to get their AR content on the iOS platform.

01 – Sketchfab AR for iOS has been released. This new iOS app gives your iOS 11 powered device the power of exploring 3D AR models in real time in real worlds.

With Sketchfab AR for iOS users can have 6 degrees of navigation freedom, exploring 3D objects across real-world scenes. You move around as you would in real life.

Making It All Work

To get started uses download the Sketchfab AR app for iOS. Then they open up a Sketchfab 3D model and click on the AR icon in the top right corner of the app. More instructions are provided here.

TechCrunch has said that “Sketchfab’s app might be the best way to try ARKit.”

One of the neat things you can do with Sketchfab AR for iOS is you can easily record your in-app AR experience, using the new iOS screen recording feature, you just need to enable it. 9TO5Mac has a breakdown instruction on how to do that here.

To learn more about Sketchfab AR for iOS go here. To get the Sketchfab AR app for iOS itself go directly here. 

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