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SIG: New V-Ray Benchmark—See How Fast Your GPU and CPU Setups Really Are

Chaos Group announces new benchmarking app to test GPU and CPU strength—new benchmark will join tools like Maxon’s Cinebench.


Chaos Group has announced a new V-Ray Benchmark. The famous photo-realistic cross-rendering application that has become the gold standard in the architectural visualization industry now has a way for users or prospective users to test the speed of their computer’s graphics processing units and central processing units—their GPUs and CPUs, respectively.

New V-Ray Benchmark

The new V-Ray Benchmark is a free application that does not require a V-Ray license. In this manner, it is similar to the popular Cinebench by Maxon.

The V-Ray Benchmark is a standalone application that includes a single GPU scene and a single CPU scene. Quite simply, you just download and run the test.

01 – The new V-Ray Benchmark by Chaos Group is a free benchmark app that tests the power of your computer’s GPU and CPU setup.

Although the testing app is free, you will need a Chaos Group account in order to get the download. That too is free you simply need to sign up.  Go here to learn more.


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  1. Posted by:
    August 9, 2017 12:14 pm EDT

    Unfortunately, it seems to be Windows only.

  2. Yes, For the moment. Architosh will look into this further and find out when a possible Mac version will be made available.

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