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solidThinking Evolve 2015 ships—offers ultimate Hybrid Modeling and rendering for industrial designers

Evolve 2015 is out and an upcoming webinar series will show you how to work with all the new features, including the new PolyNURBS toolset plus new rendering engine evoRender.


Yesterday solidThinking Inc., officially introduced solidThinking Evolve® 2015 and the application offers product and industrial designers “best-in-class” advanced hybrid modeling plus rendering to help them meet their design objectives. The big update, as we highlighted in our earlier post, is the new PolyNURBS toolset, which enables users to work with polymesh objects and take them into NURBS curves and surfaces as well as convert back to polymeshes.

Evolve 2015

“Evolve 2015 gave us the opportunity to focus on what matters most to our user base,” says Darren Chilton, Program Manager for solidThinking Evolve. “This release gives users more control and flexibility for efficiently creating visually stunning models. Adding polygonal modeling and state-of-the-art rendering to an already robust set of tools truly makes Evolve 2015 the Swiss army knife of modeling and rendering software.”

02 - Evolve 2015 introduces new rendering engine called evoRender...many new features including CUDA support.

01 – Evolve 2015 introduces new rendering engine called evoRender…many new features including CUDA support.

“The updates to the solidThinking Evolve 2015 rendering engine are awesome,” says Tom Hicks, Senior Industrial Designer for Lear Corporation and longtime solidThinking user. “New visualization features streamline the rendering process while adding more textures, color and material choices. Also, upgrades to the user interface add improved functionality, making it easier to communicate concepts. Evolve 2015 captures the essence of ‘art to part’.”

Key Enhancements in solidThinking Evolve 2015 include:

  • New PolyNURBS toolset with Nurbify — convert a polygonal model to an organic NURBS surface with a single click using the new Nurbify tool
  • Photorealistic rendering — a completely redesigned rendering tool creates life-like images with an enhanced user interface and new evoRender render engine.
  • Improved surface modeling — Enhancements to the surface modeling toolset creates a seamless experience with greater control over modeling outcomes
  • Better UI/UX — updates to user-interface to improve user-experience
  • 64-bit on Mac — The program is now fully 64-bit on Mac OS X

soldThinking Evolve 2015 helps designers capture ideas from the sketch level or even as simplified notional concepts and bring them up into highly finalized, advanced 3D models for engineering and manufacturer. The tool can work hand-in-hand with sister application solidThinking Inspire, thereby taking in structurally and weight-optized geometry from Inspire and doing production-level modeling and smoothing of surfaces. This iterative process can run through several more cycles as Evolve models can head back into Inspire (or other FEA tools) for structural analysis to see how a finalized form may respond to real-world forces and loads.

MORE: Looking at solidThinking Inspire 2014 for Architectural Design

solidThinking Evolve is famous for its combination of modeling freedom in direct modeling as well as controlled parametrics, all within a unique ConstructionTree™ history feature. An introductory webinar for the new Evolve 2015 is planned for 14 April 2015, at 9:00 AM EST (New York – Boston) and 2:00 PM EST.

To learn more about solidThinking Evolve 2015 you can visit them online here.

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  1. #CAD solidThinking Evolve 2015 ships—offers ultimate Hybrid Modeling and rendering for industrial designers

  2. #CAD solidThinking Evolve 2015 ships—offers ultimate Hybrid Modeling and rendering for industrial designers

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