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Spatial Corp and Open Design Alliance announce partnership

Spatial forms partnership with Open Design Alliance


Spatial Corporation, the maker of the well-known Spatial 3D ACIS Modeler API technologies used in hundreds of leading CAD and 3D software applications worldwide, announced a partnership with the Open Design Alliance (ODA). ODA is now an Integrated Partner in the Spatial Industry Partner Program.

Why This is Important News

Teigha®, a product of the Open Design Alliance, provides a C++ development environment that includes full support for .dwg and .dxf and DNG files, a powerful object-oriented C++ API, and a rich feature set for editing, manipulating and rendering CAD data. Teigha currently leverages 3D ACIS® Modeler from Spatial Corp to provide technology to member applications built with Teigha using the optional SpaModeler module.

01 - A screen shot of a movie on Spatial's 3D ACIS modeling kernel.

“The addition of the Open Design Alliance (ODA) as a Spatial Partner demonstrates the start of what’s possible through the Industry Partner Program,” said Linda Lokay, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, “Spatial provides a broad portfolio of products and services with which Industry Partners can best address their markets. While the current partnership focuses on the 3D ACIS Modeler, the Open Design Alliance or other Spatial Industry Partners can leverage the CGM Modeler, 3D InterOp, or other 3D application development components.”

“3D ACIS Modeler aligns well with the roadmap for Teigha,” said Arnold van der Weide, President of the Open Design Alliance, “This partnership, which formalizes a long-standing relationship with Spatial, allows the ODA to provide and test the Teigha API for 3D ACIS Modeler. We are looking forward to deepening our collaboration with Spatial. I am convinced that ODA members will see significant benefits from this partnership.”

Architosh Analysis

ACIS is the 3D geometry kernel (or engine) within numerous leading CAD and 3D software applications on the Mac OS X and Windows platform. Programs like formZ for instance utilize the ACIS geometry kernel versus other competing options like Parasolid or Solids++. Likewise, the ODA’s API’s for .dwg and .dxf are important components of thousands of applications that need file compatibility for legacy CAD data in those formats in addition to DNG.

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