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Siemens Expands Convergent Modeling—New Parasolid v33.0

Siemens updated the Parasolid modeling kernel to version 33 in mid-December introducing new technology for Convergent Modeling.


Member Access — (emTech) Section Plus for Xpresso #21

Member Access—(emTech) Section Plus is our new exclusive that builds off of what we shared in Xpresso #21. We offer deeper content and analysis from the topics of Gensler’s new proprietary tools, Hilti Robot, Digital Fabrication in Architecture, BIM and Bentley, and more…


BIM is Central to Vectorworks’ Growth Strategy—Upcoming Technologies Revealed

Vectorworks is treating its BIM/CAD platform like an “OS” for design while building out features for ever-sharper market advantages in specific industry verticals.


SimScale Integrates Parasolid and HOOPS Exchange for more Powerful 3D CAD Handling

In just over a half-decade this young German software company has more than 100,000 customers utilizing its range of engineering analysis software, distributed through a SaaS model through the web.


HOOPS Exchange 2018—Bolsters AutoCAD and iOS Support and Siemens Parasolid Integration

The world’s most used CAD platform, geometry modeling kernel, and the world’s most professionally utilized mobile operating system all got extended support in TechSoft 3D’s HOOPS Exchange 2018 update.


World First—Shapr3D Brings Industrial Strength Siemens 3D CAD to iPad Pro

Shapr3D is the first CAD system to run Siemens Parasolid and HOOPS Exchange on iOS natively and it is designed specifically for the power of the iPad Pro.



Apple iOS Gets Improvements in Mobile CAD in Recent HOOPS Exchange Technology

Software developers for iOS and Android now have access to HOOPS Exchange in the latest version, enabling robust support for mobile app creation that supports demanding 3D CAD model data in various native industry standard formats, including IFC for the AEC BIM market.


Tech Soft 3D Integrates HOOPS Exchange with Siemens’ Parasolid

The integrated product that helps developers leverage the full breadth of Parasolid functionality, even when working with imported data, is a result of Tech Soft 3D developing a close and deep technical relationship with the Parasolid team at Siemens.


Mac 3D News: Siemens releases new Parasolid v27.1 geometry modeling kernel

Siemens PLM Software has updated the geometry modeling kernel known as Parasolid to version 27.1, adding numerous enhancements which will aid delivery of key feature improvements to CAD application developers.


Dr. Biplab Sarkar Talks to Architosh About Nemetschek Vectorworks 2015

Dr. Biplab Sarkar, Chief Technology Officer of Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. discusses the latest release of Vectorworks 2015 and the technical achievements and technology behind this important update.


Mac 3D: Russian based C3D Labs adds Mac OS X support for its geometry modeling kernel

Apple gains a new 3D geometry modeling kernel developer in Russia, an area approximate to numerous emerging foreign software development houses and innovative startups in Eastern Europe


Mac CAD / 3D Tidbits: Khronos Group News, Parasolid and Vectorworks Book news

Mac and iOS CAD and 3D News: We have news on a new Japanese Vectorworks Architect book focused on BIM, plus news on Parasolid’s latest modeling kernel and news on the Khronos Group’s upcoming announcements


Event: Accelerate AEC software with PLM Components

Industrial giant Siemens and its Siemens PLM Software division is expanding its portfolio of open technologies and partnerships and will be holding a free webinar to demonstrate its PLM Components offerings


Siemens releases new NX 9 PLM software for Mac, Windows and Linux

Siemens NX 9 now available for PLM customers worldwide for OS X, Windows and Linux 64-bit environments


Redway 3D rendering API is new for the Mac platform joining others such as Lightworks

The CAD/3D industry has another source of expertise for rendering kernel technology with GPU acceleration and and a whole lot more…and importantly this new player supports Mac OS X in addition to Windows


Product Review: Vectorworks Architect 2013

In this feature article Architosh takes a look at Nemetschek Vectorworks’ latest CAD and BIM package for architects


Spatial Corp and Open Design Alliance announce partnership

Spatial forms partnership with Open Design Alliance


Product Review: Vectorworks Architect 2011

In this feature review Architosh editor, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, with contributions from architect John Helm, takes a thorough look at Vectorworks Architect 2011


Nemetschek offers Ten Tricks Webinars Again

Nemetschek offers Top Ten Tricks Series Webcasts Again – Showcases Top features in Vectorworks 2010 series products.


Nemetschek NA launches new Vectorworks 2010 product line

Nemetschek North America announces Vectorworks 2010 product line up to the public today. The new update features big technology changes, further Parasolid integration and a new Unified View workflow.


The new Vectorworks 2010 – Some More Details

In this article we discuss some more details behind Nemetschek North America’s Vectorworks 2010 release and product line, including background information on internal development strategies, market focus related to MEP and Structures integration via BIM and other key notes.


Service Pack 4 released for Vectorworks 2009

Nemetschek North America has released Service Pack 4 for Vectorworks 2009.


Vectorworks 2009 series Service Pack 3 released

Nemetschek NA releases Service Pack 3 for entire Vectorworks 2009 product line.


Siemens PLM introduces new Parasolid v21 modeling kernel

Next Parasolid geometry modeling kernel, version 21, will power key CAD/PLM applications on the Mac.


Architosh Talks to Dr. Biplab Sarkar About Parasolid

In this interview, which took place in Baltimore this past Friday, Dr. Biplab Sarkar, CTO, Nemetschek North America, sits down with Architosh editor, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, to discuss the biggest news about VectorWorks 2009: Parasolid


Siemens Parasolid Version 19.1 – First Release for Apple’s 64-bit Mac OS X Leopard

Latest Release of Industry Leading Geometric Modeling Component Software Provides Improvements in Functionality and 64-bit Support for Mac OS X Leopard to Help Reduce Time to Market for Innovative Application Developers


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