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Shade 3D for Unit Game Development Announced

Shade develops product integration pipeline connection with Unity game engine


E-Frontier of Tokyo, Japane and Mirye Software announced the ultimate, free 3D game content development system for the indie game developers and professionals.

Shade 3D for Unity

Shade 3D for Unity is a new product based on the professional 3D modeling, animation and rendering tool set Shade, a product that has been available for over 27 years now and used worldwide. What Shade 3D for Unity does is enable designers and game developers to build animated project content that integrates with Unity 3D, the game development system for Mac OS X, Windows, iOS and Android, with high levels of compatibility between Shade 3D for Unity and Unity 3D itself.

01 - Shade 3D for Unity is a new product that integrates content production with the Unity 3D game development engine.

Shade 3D for Unity makes it easy to share project assets (Configuration Files) of Unity in Shade 3D for Unity. The transfer of content between the two programs has been developed out.

Games developed with Unity and Shade 3D for Unity can be distributed through the App Store for iPhone, iPod, iPod and iPad, Google Play for Android Devices distributions systems like Stream.

The integration between Shade and Unity enables Shade 3D for Unity users to not just create original 3D content for work inside Unity but to import, modify, animate and customize approximately 150 different types of template based content available through the Unity Asset Store, including original backgrounds, props and characters.


Shade 3D for Unity is initially available through the Mac App Store, and will subsequently be released through other online venues including English language publisher of Shade Mirye Software.  Shade Professional is the flagship version of Shade and will provide additional, advanced content creation tools and precise rendering features for the creation of game trailers and complete animated films. All content developed with Shade 3D for Unity is completely compatible with Shade Professional. To learn more visit here.

Architosh Analysis

We think this is a great option for Unity game developers who are looking for a strong 3D content development toolset. Shade 3D is one of those tools that unfortunately due to its Japan-based creation point doesn’t get the attention the product truly deserves here in the States and in Europe.

Shade Professional is now coming up to version 13 and is due to ship in mid-November 2012. We look forward to writing more about this product in a few weeks when it is officially released.

To learn more about Shade go here. To learn more about Unity go here.

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