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SIG: Substance Designer 2 now released or Mac

Allegorithmic brings its popular Substance Designer 2 product line to the Mac


Allegorithmic has introduced Substance Designer 2 for the Mac. This marks the first time a native OS X version has been created. The software is a texture and material processor for 3D artists. The company has also created a Lite version for the first time as well.

Key new features in Substance Designer 2 include new Vector Paint, allowing you to paint dynamic masks on all channels (diffuse, spec, normal, etc.) or a full material all at once.

There is also a new Material Layering System. This enables you to work in a more visual fashion with complex materials (diffuse, normal, specular, etc), encapsulating intricate node graphs. A Cache System improves overall performance speed by 25 percent.

01 - Allegorithmic's Substance Designer 2 now for Mac, including Lite version.

“As you are able to combine, mask, and play with all the channels of a full material at once, while using a very familiar and visual layering system, users should find Substance Designer 2 to be a more poweful and dedicated tool for material creation,” says Allegorithmic founder and CEO, Dr. Sebastien Deguy.

Both Substance Designer 2 and Substance Designer 2 Lite are available for the Mac natively now.

To learn more visit them online here.

What We Think

Substance Designer is a popular and excellent texture editing tool. Allegorithmic’s decision to bring both products to the Mac is great for Apple’s platform, giving 3D artists another reason to adopt the Mac and allowing a no-compromise environment.

If you need to create or edit textures for your DCC solution for 3d software suite, then take a look at Substance Designer 2 and the Lite version.

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