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Luxology Talks About GPU vs CPU Rendering

Video highlights Luxology’s research into GPU rendering.


Brad Peebler, President of Luxology, the makers of modo, has a feature video wherein he speaks about the company’s efforts to understand the latest GPU rendering craze and what it means for the future development of rendering in general and modo in particular.


Here are some of the highlights from Peebler’s talk:

  • Post Siggraph 2010 Event – Luxology Does its homework
  • Brad says Luxology has always been looking at parallel computing
  • Luxology works with its CPU partner, Intel, on some research
  • Intel and Luxology research begets some CPU optimizations for future modo 501
  • Luxology compares Octane Render  vs modo 501
  • GPU rendering has promise with brute force rendering but has many more limitations
  • Peepler believes Luxology’s CPU code is pretty darn fast!
  • Luxology is not pro CPU or anti GPU
  • Luxology sees the GPU as additional cores, not alternate cores
  • Luxology looks to the “cloud” for additional cores – does pure research on this avenue

Peepler’s talk is very interesting. The bottom line is that Luxology is doing its homework thoroughly to get at the possible futures of rendering with both CPU and GPU cores.

01 - modo with CPU rendering vs Octane with GPU rendering. Brad Peebler shows the results of their internal research to find the best options for faster rendering by utilizing GPU cores in addition to CPU cores.

Even if you don’t use modo for your modeling, rendering and animation needs, this video is a very informative and useful type of content. I am sure you will find it as interesting as we did.

To check it out go here.


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