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Nemetschek NA launches new Vectorworks 2010 product line

Nemetschek North America announces Vectorworks 2010 product line up to the public today. The new update features big technology changes, further Parasolid integration and a new Unified View workflow.


Nemetschek North America officially launched the new Vectorworks 2010 product line today, marking a significant milestone for the company. A year ago the company launched Vectorworks 2009 and told the press and their customers they were moving to an annual release cycle with no significant dot 5 release in between. Not only has the company stayed up with its annual cycle promise, Vectorworks 2010 features some major software changes and new features. 

Key New Features in Vectorworks 2010

We have already covered several new items in other reports and will cover some items more thoroughly later. However, here are the key new features in version 2010:

  • New Unified View 3D Environment — makes working in 3D easier
  • New DCM – New dimensional constraint manager adds key parametrics technology licensed from Siemens PLM Software
  • Further Parasolid integration – the program is now nearly all Parasolid modeling kernel based. (we will have more details on this in future report)
  • Planar Graphics – new 2D graphics to 3D integration technology
  • Dramatically improved 3D Snapping based on Parasolid tech
  • New DWG, IFC and SKP file supports
  • New Rendering features and support for 3D decals
  • New hatching editing functionality
  • New stair features and much more…

Overall there are 80 new key features in the new Vectorworks 2010. This includes a dramatically better help environment based on Adobe Air. You can learn more and watch some of these new features in action at their website here: or

Reader Comments

  1. Posted by:
    ismael rosales
    September 16, 2009 10:16 am EST

    Congratulation to Nemetschek for Vectorworks 2010, but for me the most significant “feature” is this is the first Intel only release for Mac OS X. I will not be able to upgrade with my “legacy” 3 year old PowerPC hardware.

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