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News: AECO

Autodesk Releases Dynamo 1.1 Update for Computational Design

T-Splines technology gets added to Autodesk’s Dynamo computational design tool. More updates in 1.1 release…

High Growth Dynamics Continue for Nemetschek Group in 2016

Nemetschek Group continues to propel itself to record financials on the basis of sound if not brilliant US-based acquisitions.

College graduates who come to the job market with ARCHICAD skills are in high demand.

News: MCAD

Autodesk Releases Dynamo 1.1 Update for Computational Design

T-Splines technology gets added to Autodesk’s Dynamo computational design tool. More updates in 1.1 release…

Foundry Group and Autodesk announces $35 million in Series B funding for Formlabs

The planned collaboration with Autodesk is strategically collaborated with Foundry Group, enabling them to meet growing customer demand worldwide.

News: CAID

Webinar: Introducing solidThinking Inspire 2016

Free webinar introduces product and industrial designers to the latest solidThinking Inspire 2016 for optimized and streamlined design.

solidThinking Inc., announces solidThinking Inspire 2016

Additive manufacturing accelerated with introduction of PolyNURBS; cost-saving benefits for broad range of production processes.

The tool is very useful for creating quad-spheres which form a good basis for a lot of subdivision surfaces modeling.

News: Visualization

Webinar: Visualizing Success with Rendering Software

Vectorworks is holding a webinar 16 August 2016 on rendering for success.

Mac 3D: New V-Ray Showreel 2016 Out—Stunning Imagery

Visually stunning show reel by Chaos Group is released for the year. Their 2016 show piece is quite fetching and you will notice films you probably didn’t think V-Ray was involved in.

News: Animation & VFX

SIG: Pixar Animation Studios Open Sources Universal Scene Description

Famed animation studio does an initial release of their development process. Universal Scene Description goes open source.

SIG: Maxon Announces New CINEMA 4D Release 18 for Mac and Windows

Maxon announces new Cinema 4D R18 during SIGGRAPH week. You can now do non-destructive destructions using new technology, plus cool interactive knife tools for modeling and a whole lot more.

News: Game Design

GDC Recap: Autodesk expanded VR support and streamlined 3D character creation

Autodesk continues to serve the Game Developers market with key technology updates to its tool chains.

Maxon to showcase new Cinema 4D plugin for VR at Game Developers Confab

Exhibitor highlights: New Virtual Reality (VR) plugin for Cinema 4D to be shown at Game Developers Conference…and more integrations with leading game engines.

News: Apple

01 - A screen shot of Parallel's New Virtual Machine wizard.

Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac Out—Still Runs Revit Just As Good

The latest version of Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac offers designers and architects access to the few remaining big CAD and design applications not yet available on OS X, while offering far more in multi-VMs support for legacy, Linux, Xbox and more…

iPad News: formZ Mobile Viewer announced for iPad and iPhone
Could Apple Release One Of These—External GPU Enclosure Anybody?
If Jobs Failed Twice, Why Would Ive & Team Succeed? RIP new Mac Pro
More Apple Posts

Analysis: Kerris’ Critique and Failed Newton Make Valuable Apple AR Lessons

Stop deciphering what Apple may do in the VR or AR markets—former Apple exec Richard Kerris’ logical break-down of the VR-AR space just gave us a huge clue as to why the company is taking so long.

SIG: Apple Graphics News—MoltenVK brings Vulkan to Apple iOS and macOS

New MoltenVK can help developers take advantage of Apple’s Metal graphics framework while utilizing the open-industry standard Vulkan API. This means Apple’s developers on iOS or especially macOS are no longer left out of the benefits of utilizing the next-generation, high-performance graphics API.

‘Out on the Net': Curated Technology and Design News by Architosh

Every week we highlight the stories—here below—that we think our readers will find interesting and extend our brand new News page further. Some stories are “on focus” with Architosh, and some stories are just interesting technology and design news. We hope you enjoy the curated listings.

This week Taylor Swift won a victory over Apple Music, solving the issue of lack of payment to the industry for the free 3 month trial for the upcoming Apple Music. And in this article we get to see just how tremendously large the “connected auto” industry is. That’s why Apple and Google want at the automobile industry.

The big news last week was Apple’s new ritzy renovation the former United States Trust and Mortgage  Company bank building, a beautifully 1920’s Beaux Arts building with a super order of Corinthian stone pilasters on its all stone facade. You can see great picture(s) here at Apple’s official new store page  for it and here. An Upper Eastside location is bound to cause a ruffle with high net-worth individuals who like things the way they always all. Readers may enjoying watching this new CNN Money news video on it. (see below).

In other but slightly older facilities news, Apple is reported to have parted ways with general contractors DRP and Skanska, responsible for the new Apple Campus 2 (“Spaceship”) project. There are many reports on this (listed below too). Skanska is a Swedish company with worldwide operations (not Swiss as it has erroneously been reported in the media). Getting fired from Apple isn’t the only public failure the Swedish company has faced. Earlier in the year Skanska USA was charged with racial harassment and ordered to pay nearly $100.000.USD in a lawsuit.


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