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News: AECO

OrthoGraph expands distribution with GRAPHISOFT Italy agreement

OrthoGraph Ltd., has come to an agreement with Graphisoft Italy, which became an official OrthoGraph distributor in Italy.

ARUP’s Oasys brings advanced crowd analysis software to wider market with MassMotion Flow

3D analysis of pedestrian behavior for ingress/egress, emergency evacuation and general flow has never been quicker, easier to use or more accessible, using MassMotion Flow.

Our users always want better integration with the other tools that they use, said Robert McNeel, CEO, Robert McNeel & Associates.

News: MCAD

Graebert of Germany Says Japan CAD Market In flux—ARES Gains Ground

Graebert of Germany continues to make strides in CAD market share in Asia. Japan is one of its key markets where OEM product JDraf is a popular DWG native CAD solution competing for market share gains against AutoCAD, which in recent financial filings has indicated troubles in that market.

Autodesk updates Fusion 360 at Solid 2015 Conference in SF

Autodesk recently updated Fusion 360 with many new features, introduced at Solid 2015 Confab.

News: CAID

Webinar Event: Get Started with solidThinking Evolve 2015!

solidThinking is aiming to give the tools you that are needed to make the most of their programs. These sessions provide a quick and easy to understand tips that will enable faster work in Evolve.

Autodesk Launches Design Academy iTunes U Courses

Design Academy shows students the limitless possibilities of 3D design with Design Academy iTunes U courses and Multi-Touch books to provide schools with interactive projects that advance 21st Century skill development.

There are so many elements about The Foundry that we find attractive, not the least of which is the core management team.

News: Visualization

LightWave 3D Group offers special cross-grade offer for LightWave 2015

LightWave Group is offering a competitive cross-grade offer for LightWave 2015. Users of a wide-range of 2D/3D software can take advantage of this promotion.

E-on Software Ships Free Versions of VUE and PlantFactory 2015.2!

The VUE and PlantFactory 2015.2 Personal Learning Editions allow any Artist or Student to learn the best Digital Nature tool for free. The PLEs output files that can be rendered without limitation using an ATC license, allows users to work from home using the free PLEs and transport their work easily between resources.

News: Animation & VFX

01 - LightWave 3D 2015 is an advanced pro 3D app and the company is offering a competitive cross-grade offer that some readers may want to take advantage of. (image: Lightwave 3D Group)

LightWave 3D Group offers special cross-grade offer for LightWave 2015

LightWave Group is offering a competitive cross-grade offer for LightWave 2015. Users of a wide-range of 2D/3D software can take advantage of this promotion.

SmithMicro Software launches Anime Studio 11 series apps
Mac 3D News: PipelineFX Releases Qube! 6.7
The Foundry’s new MODO 901 coming soon!
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Mac 3D News: The Foundry kicks off with a new majority owner

The Foundry, a leading provider of award-winning creative software, announced a majority investment from HgCapital, one of the UK’s most prestigious private equity firms.

The much anticipated MODO 901 is available

MODO 901 represents the most significant update so far. Earlier this spring, The Foundry provided a sneak peek of MODO 901, which includes the integration of the award winning MeshFusion; new progressive texture baking; new and improved tools for everyday modeling tasks, better ways of working with both regular and UDIM multi-tiled UVs and layered multi-resolution sculpting.

News: Game Design

02 - The innovative touch-driven interface allows you to get more done with less complexity.

Verto Studio 3D 2.1 launches Verto Studio Cloud

Single-developer company Verto Studio LLC launches its revolutionary 3D cloud service for free to all users of desktop and mobile Verto Studio 3D. Now, all Verto Studio scenes can be published to the web, viewable by anyone else in the world within a web browser. Additionally, an easy-to-use shape editor has also been added to Verto Studio which supports the importing and 3D extrusion of SVG files.

Learning: Digital Tutors has new ‘Introduction to Unity 5′ tutorial series
GDC 2015: Top Tech Announcements in the Gaming World
Five Things Apple users might want to know about the new Vulkan Graphics API
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WWDC 2015: Reviewing the Apple Design Award winners

Architosh takes a tiny tour on some of the Apple Design Award winners at this year’s Apple WWDC 2015 conference for its developers, including students and student winners, working worldwide.

SmithMicro Software launches Anime Studio 11 series apps

SmithMicro Software introduces all new Anime Studio Pro 11 with powerful new professional animation features for anime action. Improved Adobe Photoshop integration, frame-by-frame animation options and layer referencing are key big new features.

News: Apple

01 - ConceptDraw Diagram Viewer is the company's first iPad app.

CS Odessa has released its first iPad App—Diagram Viewer

Serving as an excellent adjunct product to ConceptDraw PRO, Diagram Viewer gives users an extra degree of flexibility when working and viewing business graphics and diagramming images. Diagram Viewer for iPad makes for a great viewing tool of content graphic for people who work with either ConceptDraw PRO v10 or Visio 2013 formats.

Frame’s new cloud based ‘Frame Platform’ may shake-up the Mac app market
Metal for OS X Good, But Developers Need Flexibility and Options
FileMaker releases FileMaker Training Series for FileMaker 14
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Investintech introduces Able2Extract PDF Converter 9

The original and only PDF Converter available that converts PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and AutoCad and saves time on data extraction.

Hue Lights v1.7 Offers Advanced Weather Simulator for Philips Hue

Experience realistic storms with customized controls for lightning strikes, rain density, bird songs, wind speed, sleep timer, brightness and sky color.

‘Out on the Net': Curated Technology and Design News by Architosh

Every week we highlight the stories—here below—that we think our readers will find interesting and extend our brand new News page further. Some stories are “on focus” with Architosh, and some stories are just interesting technology and design news. We hope you enjoy the curated listings.

This week Taylor Swift won a victory over Apple Music, solving the issue of lack of payment to the industry for the free 3 month trial for the upcoming Apple Music. And in this article we get to see just how tremendously large the “connected auto” industry is. That’s why Apple and Google want at the automobile industry.

The big news last week was Apple’s new ritzy renovation the former United States Trust and Mortgage  Company bank building, a beautifully 1920’s Beaux Arts building with a super order of Corinthian stone pilasters on its all stone facade. You can see great picture(s) here at Apple’s official new store page  for it and here. An Upper Eastside location is bound to cause a ruffle with high net-worth individuals who like things the way they always all. Readers may enjoying watching this new CNN Money news video on it. (see below).

In other but slightly older facilities news, Apple is reported to have parted ways with general contractors DRP and Skanska, responsible for the new Apple Campus 2 (“Spaceship”) project. There are many reports on this (listed below too). Skanska is a Swedish company with worldwide operations (not Swiss as it has erroneously been reported in the media). Getting fired from Apple isn’t the only public failure the Swedish company has faced. Earlier in the year Skanska USA was charged with racial harassment and ordered to pay nearly $100.000.USD in a lawsuit.


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