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News: AECO

Chief Architect has announced new version—Chief Architect X8

Top residential builder design software is now at version X8 and being shown at the International Builders’ show in Las Vegas. Chief Architect X8 runs on Mac and Windows.

Trimble Connect gets updates for SketchUp 2016 and more

Trimble has updated its Trimble Connect AEC cloud-based collaboration platform with new modern user interface touches and new format support.

We believe Apple is going after enterprise and content creation apps with the iPad Pro and Onshape is well positioned to take full advantage of this development.

News: MCAD

02 - Fusion 360 has slice features that help you study parts in section.

Autodesk updates Fusion 360 for Mac and Windows

Autodesk packs a punch in new January updates to Fusion 360. The new cloud-based, web-era application is truly platform independent and mobile and cloud oriented to support anywhere, any device access to project data, files and teams.

Vectorworks, Inc. Announces Sponsorship of Stage Lighting Super Saturday
Onshape Announces App Store Offering Simulation, CAM, Rendering & More
Revolutionary Cloud-based CAD Launched—Onshape Goes Commercial
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Mac CAD News: IMSI Design releases new TurboCAD Mac V9

TurboCAD version 9 line-up launches for the Mac platform this week. IMSI/Design has continued to take the Mac version of TurboCAD in the parts and mCAD product direction which is where it is strongest.

Luxion and Onshape partner for the release of KeyShot connection for Onshape

With the launch of Onshape App Store, users of KeyShot and Onshape now have a seamless connection between the two applications.

News: CAID

Screen shot 2016-02-03 at 4.23.46 PM

Event: solidThinking to host CONVERGE 2016 Conference

Exploring the intersection of design and technology, the solidThinking company, a subsidiary of Altair, will host its first confab focused on more than its users but broader themes involved in the convergence in design and technology.

Rhino 5 for Mac special pricing ends mid-September
Event News: solidThinking 20 Minute Tips for Evolve
Wrap-Up: NVIDIA Launched DesignWorks VR at SIGGRAPH 2015
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solidThinking intros new Evolve 2016 for Mac and Windows

solidThinking has quietly introduced solidThinking Evolve 2016 for Mac and Windows, a global leading product design CAID system.

Vectorworks, Inc. Announces Sponsorship of Stage Lighting Super Saturday

The January 9 2016 event to enrich the abilities of attendees involved in the application of stage, architectural and entertainment lighting design.

When we started to develop Project Sharing we looked at things like Git—a version control system for software development.... Dr. Biplab Sarkar

News: Visualization

Frame Unveils Powerful New Supercomputer in the Cloud

Frame announces new more powerful option for cloud-based workstations. This new supercomputer option will please rendering folks.

Live Webinar: Introducing Twinmotion for ARCHICAD

Join host Graphisoft and Abvent on a special live webinar demonstrating Twinmotion and ArchiCAD for advanced yet simple visualizations for AEC.

News: Animation & VFX

Webinar News: MAXON hosts Fluids Simulation with Cinema 4D and RealFlow

Maxon is hosting a free webinar on fluid simulation work inside of Cinema 4D with RealFlow.

NVIDIA Iray Comes to Autodesk Maya—Intros Predictive Capabilities

Autodesk Maya users can create their designs faster and more easily than ever, thanks to their new Iray plug-in for the popular software.

News: Game Design

Faceware plugin running inside Unreal. (Image Courtesy of Faceware.) All Rights Reserved.

Faceware Live Develops New Plug In for Unreal Engine 4

Faceware unveils new plugin for Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4, a gaming engine development platform for with increasingly wide industry applicability, from film, TV, military simulation and more…all beyond and including games!

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus’ design firm taps Perfect Parallel’s software tech, available for Mac, Windows and Linux
Verto Studio 3D 2.1 launches Verto Studio Cloud
WWDC 2015: Reviewing the Apple Design Award winners
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Digital artists create hyper-realistic 3D effects faster and easier with Smith Micro’s new Poser Pro 11

Streamlined workflow and powerful new rendering engine make Poser Pro 11 design and animation software a “content creator’s dream”

MetalGL Now Supports OS X for Low-latency OpenGL ES Rendering Using Metal

The Brenwill Workshop Ltd. has added support for OS X to their MetalGL product, unleashing the power of Metal’s low-latency rendering to let OpenGL ES games and applications perform up to 3x the number of draw calls, and benefit from the advanced tools available for the Metal development ecosystem, all without changing the way the game or app use OpenGL ES.

News: Apple

The new Tableau 9.2—Your Data is Calling

If you have an addiction, satisfy it with Tableau Mobile for iPhone and check out favorite vizzes from anywhere.

Avegant taps former Apple Executive Richard Kerris for CMO position at Glyph Launch

Avegant announces new Glyph personal theater mobile experience device and news that former Apple and Lucas executive, Richard Kerris, has joined the company.

‘Out on the Net': Curated Technology and Design News by Architosh

Every week we highlight the stories—here below—that we think our readers will find interesting and extend our brand new News page further. Some stories are “on focus” with Architosh, and some stories are just interesting technology and design news. We hope you enjoy the curated listings.

This week Taylor Swift won a victory over Apple Music, solving the issue of lack of payment to the industry for the free 3 month trial for the upcoming Apple Music. And in this article we get to see just how tremendously large the “connected auto” industry is. That’s why Apple and Google want at the automobile industry.

The big news last week was Apple’s new ritzy renovation the former United States Trust and Mortgage  Company bank building, a beautifully 1920’s Beaux Arts building with a super order of Corinthian stone pilasters on its all stone facade. You can see great picture(s) here at Apple’s official new store page  for it and here. An Upper Eastside location is bound to cause a ruffle with high net-worth individuals who like things the way they always all. Readers may enjoying watching this new CNN Money news video on it. (see below).

In other but slightly older facilities news, Apple is reported to have parted ways with general contractors DRP and Skanska, responsible for the new Apple Campus 2 (“Spaceship”) project. There are many reports on this (listed below too). Skanska is a Swedish company with worldwide operations (not Swiss as it has erroneously been reported in the media). Getting fired from Apple isn’t the only public failure the Swedish company has faced. Earlier in the year Skanska USA was charged with racial harassment and ordered to pay nearly $100.000.USD in a lawsuit.


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