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News: AECO

02 - The V-ray folks and CL3VER team on a unique solution and demo technology that turns Revit models into "microsites" that are Web accessible and fully 3D and interactive with data.

AIA 2016: Information Technologies at this Year’s Convention – Part 2

We dive deeper in our Part 2 coverage of software and technologies at the 2016 AIA Convention in Philly. These four companies exhibited together and these four companies have interesting innovations in the pipe and/or ready now.

Build Earth Live and Vectorworks Announce Dubai Future Foundation and Sponsorship of Hyperloop BIM Competition
Vectorworks Design Summit 2016—What Was Cool This Year
New SCIA Engineer 16 announced—delivers 350+ updates structural engineering app
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AIA 2016: AIA and Autodesk announce new feature to automate 2030 Commitment reporting data

Autodesk and AIA team on new automatic reporting system via new design tool features and the new Design Data Exchange system (DDx).

In Brief: Highlights from AIA 2016 Philly

Architosh is at AIA Philly 2016 and we will have extensive show coverage and a big picture gallery series as well. If you couldn’t attend this year, you have a missed a good one. Record attendance, great speakers and tech…and let’s not forget Philly herself!

For anyone who overlooked KeyShot thinking it's only for quick visual renderings, they will want to look again. --- Tim Feher

News: MCAD

01 - The new Sync app for Trimble Connect.

Tidbits: PTC, Vectorworks, Trimble CAD and AEC news

CAD News: PTC sponsors leading tech startup event in Massachusetts aimed at finding great new tech in areas related to its MCAD base, including AR and IoT; plus Vectorworks and Asite headline next Build Earth Live, a project involving a Hyperloop; and finally we have news on Trimble Connect’s latest updates.

Altair releases HyperWorks v14 for Windows and Mac
Playing Nice is Best—Autodesk and Siemens Sign Agreement on CAD Interoperability
Graebert releases new ARES Kudo YouTube Video—First Peaks
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solidThinking Inc., announces solidThinking Inspire 2016

Additive manufacturing accelerated with introduction of PolyNURBS; cost-saving benefits for broad range of production processes.

ILEXSOFT of Italy releases HighDesign 2016 for Mac—Full Featured 2D CAD

New OS X only CAD system delivers new 64-bit performance and many new enhancements.

News: CAID

solidThinking Inc., announces solidThinking Inspire 2016

Additive manufacturing accelerated with introduction of PolyNURBS; cost-saving benefits for broad range of production processes.

Mac 3D News: formZ to Celebrate 25 Years of Innovation

Famed 3D stalwart and Mac developer, AutoDesSys, announces 25th anniversary of legendary formZ software. The Ohio-based company has a LAB unit in Los Angeles that is producing extensions and an upcoming parametric visual scripting environment, a la Rhino + Grasshopper.

Metal has chosen to provide less flexibility in some areas, for example memory management, in order to make programming simpler for mobile developers.

News: Visualization

Luxion brings Sorensen leather materials to KeyShot

With the release of KeyShot 5, Luxion continues to simplify the product development process, from concept design to sales and marketing. The exclusive partnership that brings Sorensen Leather to KeyShot Cloud allows users now to have direct access to Sorensen Leather materials via KeyShot Cloud.

More News of Twinmotion-Abvent Merger: Switching Heads of Development

Head of KA-RA at Twinmotion will lead new combined Abvent unit.

News: Animation & VFX

01 - A still from the motion picture Gravity, which featured major use of the renderer Arnold. (image source and copyright: Framestore, all rights reserved.)

NAB: Autodesk acquires the Arnold Renderer and its development team

Autodesk announces its acquisition of Solid Angle, the makers of the Arnold Renderer, at NAB 2016 this week. This is the first major advanced renderer Autodesk owns in-house but the company has already committed to an “open renderer policy” and even third-party products will be robustly supported and that may become a new business segment for the company.

Maxon announces update to Cineware for Adobe After Effects CC
Webinar News: MAXON hosts Fluids Simulation with Cinema 4D and RealFlow
NVIDIA Iray Comes to Autodesk Maya—Intros Predictive Capabilities
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Maxon showcasing Cinema 4D at 2016 NAB Show in Las Vegas

Maxon will be showcasing Cinema 4D R17 at the NAB 2016 Show in Las Vegas next month.

The Foundry launches MODO 10 Series—Next Generation 3D Platform

The Foundry talks up MODO 10 Series for professional 3D modeling, animation, rendering, game development—future releases focused on gaming and interactive design, including VR.

News: Game Design

Maxon to showcase new Cinema 4D plugin for VR at Game Developers Confab

Exhibitor highlights: New Virtual Reality (VR) plugin for Cinema 4D to be shown at Game Developers Conference…and more integrations with leading game engines.

Gaming News: Valve Brings SteamVR to Unity Platform

Valve brings SteamVR to Unity Platform and Offers New VR PC Test App.

News: Apple

01 - This is the chip, the new Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 that ships with up to 22 cores on a single CPU, that Apple may have been waiting for on the much tardy Mac Pro update.

The chip the new Mac Pro may have been waiting for is out and ready!

Intel’s new 14nm Xeon E5-v4 Xeon processors are out. While not the biggest update in recent memory, the new lithography process means less power to more cores and thus higher performance. This is a great time for Apple to update the Mac Pro. Perhaps the only time.

Mr. Pro, Meet Mr. Pro—Why the new iPad Pro and BIMx Pro are a Killer Duo
Apple TV shaping up to be big focus on March 21, but Mac Pro update, where art thou?
Innovative VR startup discusses Mac and Oculus Rift—Apple and VR Future
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Possible OS X Futures—Two Things We Learned This Week

A future where Apple controls its microarchitecture for iOS completely and where it doesn’t for OS X raises questions. Additionally, Apple’s iCloud ambitions speak to interesting answers in hosted app solutions that can address the “pro” market.

Post Event: Apple’s Top 5 Far Reaching Announcements from Yesterday

Architosh looks at the top 5 most far reaching announcements from yesterday’s Apple Event. Only one of them concerns an Apple product and none of them concern the Mac.

‘Out on the Net': Curated Technology and Design News by Architosh

Every week we highlight the stories—here below—that we think our readers will find interesting and extend our brand new News page further. Some stories are “on focus” with Architosh, and some stories are just interesting technology and design news. We hope you enjoy the curated listings.

This week Taylor Swift won a victory over Apple Music, solving the issue of lack of payment to the industry for the free 3 month trial for the upcoming Apple Music. And in this article we get to see just how tremendously large the “connected auto” industry is. That’s why Apple and Google want at the automobile industry.

The big news last week was Apple’s new ritzy renovation the former United States Trust and Mortgage  Company bank building, a beautifully 1920’s Beaux Arts building with a super order of Corinthian stone pilasters on its all stone facade. You can see great picture(s) here at Apple’s official new store page  for it and here. An Upper Eastside location is bound to cause a ruffle with high net-worth individuals who like things the way they always all. Readers may enjoying watching this new CNN Money news video on it. (see below).

In other but slightly older facilities news, Apple is reported to have parted ways with general contractors DRP and Skanska, responsible for the new Apple Campus 2 (“Spaceship”) project. There are many reports on this (listed below too). Skanska is a Swedish company with worldwide operations (not Swiss as it has erroneously been reported in the media). Getting fired from Apple isn’t the only public failure the Swedish company has faced. Earlier in the year Skanska USA was charged with racial harassment and ordered to pay nearly $100.000.USD in a lawsuit.


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