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ARES Kudo Cloud-Based CAD—Now Released and Growing

A full browser-based CAD system can operate in your browser to read, create, and annotate DWG drawings in the cloud.


Graebert of Berlin, Germany, is unveiling their latest technology and product offerings to end-users and partner OEMs at their Annual Meeting event—takes place today (18 – 19 October) through tomorrow. Once again Architosh is in attendance at this important CAD industry event.

ARES Kudo—What’s New

Since its introduction four years ago, ARES Kudo, a fully cloud-based DWG CAD system has been one of the German software developer’s most innovative technologies and offerings. Now fully productized, today Graebert has unveiled the latest advancements in ARES Kudo.

ARES Kudo’s technology was first renowned for its integration and collaboration with Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Onshape, the first full-cloud 3D MCAD solution whose 2D module Onshape Drawings, released in September 2015, is, in fact, a custom version of ARES Kudo.

01 – ARES Kudo continues to advance and will soon support the viewing of Microstation and Revit files in addition to the editing and viewing of DWG files.

Last year at this time Graebert announced a phased roll-out of ARES Kudo. It is a key part of their “Trinity of CAD” strategy.

At its Graebert Annual Meeting, the company is explaining how ARES Kudo is empowering ARES Commander and ARES Touch with the agility of the cloud. Thus:

  • The “Hub” for all DWG files in the cloud — uses ARES Kudo to connect multiple third-party cloud storage systems to browse and search for your files from a central place.
  • Access DWG drawings on any device via a modern web browser — ARES Kudo avoids all the hassles of installs and updates. Users can log in from and instantly access their drawings.
  • Continuity of a project across devices and users — it means the integration of ARES Kudo with ARES Commander and ARES Touch helps to synchronize the files from one device to the others and across all the users collaborating around the project
  • Improved collaboration and workflows — projects can be shared as a simple URL. This includes the ability to share a “view-only” link with external team members and clients. View-only links represent a disruptive and very easy method to share drawings. The view-only link is a view unto the “latest state of the file” and thus can represent a single source of truth for a project.

These are the highlight aspects of ARES Kudo.

ARES Kudo To Read Revit and Bentley Files

Graebert has no simple ambitions with ARES Kudo. While not all of the 2D powers of the Commander version of ARES are implemented, the company says most are today.

02 – ARES Kudo comes free with an annual license subscription of ARES Commander 2018, as does the mobile product ARES Touch. It works with modern browsers on your Mac, Windows, or Linux OS computer.

ARES Kudo will soon support the ability to read other CAD industry file formats, including Bentley Microstation’s DGN files as well as Autodesk Revit’s RVT files. Besides viewing and editing DWG, Kudo aims to be the hub and viewer for all files on a project.

Robert Graebert, CTO of Graebert commented:

“The phased roll-out of ARES Kudo’s viewing and sharing features is showing satisfaction. Only a few countries in Asia are left on our rollout plan. We expect now to accelerate the deployment and start enabling the editing features to any of our subscribers willing to try them. A chat system inside ARES Kudo can be used by subscribers to interact with us and ask for the editing features. Non-subscribers will also soon have the possibility to try ARES Kudo, either by activating a trial of ARES Commander 2018 or by visiting where a Trial button will be added in the coming days.”

Integration with Onshape and Trimble Connect Communities

Graebert is also actively building ties with other communities of users. The company is extending its integration with Onshape and now working with Trimble Connect, both factoring into strengthening its competitive edge in the DWG-based CAD market where the company competes with many players including Autodesk itself.

The company says it will look forward to building more similar integrations.

To learn more about Graebert and ARES Kudo go here. 

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