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Multiple Drawing Views—Upcoming Vectorworks 2018 Gets Them And More

Watch this sneak-peak view of the upcoming Vectorworks 2018’s new support for Multiple Drawing Views and learn about a few other things too.


If you are a longtime Architosh reader you may recall reading several rated product reviews in the past where we knocked on the lack of multiple drawing views not existing in Vectorworks, the longtime leader in CAD on the Mac platform and now a world leading BIM application for AEC professionals.

Nothing impresses on the importance of having multiple drawing views as much as BIM—Building Information Modeling. With it, you can view your BIM model from plan-view, while also seeing it in say axonometric, and elevation-view at the same time.

The New Enable Multiple View Command

The new Enable Multiple View Command lets Vectorworks 2018 users view multiple views all at the same time. It also lets you place those multiple views over several monitors at once.

Vectorworks, Inc., has been offering something called Teaser Tuesday for its users on their blog and they have shown three big new features coming in the next Vectorworks release—slated for debut in mid-September at the Vectorworks Design Summit event.

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Besides multiple viewport support, Vectorworks Architect 2018 will also get direct editing in sections and elevation views, giving users the power to do mirror objects, for example, in a section view.

And continuing on its push to support VR, version 2018 also supports rendered panoramas. You can read all about these on their blog post here and watch the Multiple Drawing Views video directly below.

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