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A Miniature German Mittelstand—How the Nemetschek Group is Crushing It In the AEC Software Industry

The Nemetschek Group has quietly taken the number two position for global AEC software dominance. If past trending continues it could rival Autodesk revenues in AEC in half a decade. We spoke to its chief strategy officer, Sean Flaherty, to get the complete picture.


Architosh Exclusive—Nemetschek Group Unveils Its CDE Strategy with Bluebeam Technology at its Core

Moving AEC companies into BIM solutions isn’t the big problem anymore for the Nemetschek Group, rather it’s moving its customers into common data environments where project stakeholders can extract maximum value inherent in the exchange of information.


Nemetschek Forms US Strategic Base—Learn What Comes Next

The Germany, Munich-based, Nemetschek Group is flourishing, driving the strongest growth in the AECO software industry after a string of brilliant software acquisitions. But all of this success has largely been driven without the benefit of a full-time, directed strategy group. Now the AECO software multinational—the smallest of the Big 4 global AECO software companies —is setting up a global strategy group in Washington, DC.


German Nemetschek Group appoints Sean Flaherty Chief Strategy Officer

The now former CEO of Vectorworks, Inc., Sean Flaherty, has been appointed to the role of Chief Strategy Officer on the Nemetschek Group supervisory board, a position where he will drive group-wide future strategy for the resurgent AEC software company.


Dr. Biplab Sarkar named CEO of Vectorworks, Inc.

Vectorworks, Inc., announces new CEO in Dr. Biplab Sarkar, while Sean Flaherty takes up key full time position as Chief Strategy Officer for the entire Nemetschek Group.


Scripting the Future—Vectorworks CEO Talks Marionette, Design Summit and Future Direction

In this interview Vectorworks Inc. CEO Sean Flaherty discusses his software company’s latest developments—including a new “brand name”, an exciting annual conference in the US and the latest Vectorworks release’s signature feature


Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. announces upcoming Vectorworks 2015 Product Line

At a press-only event Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc., this week announced their upcoming Vectorworks 2015 product line, including the new Renderworks 2015 as well. Dramatic new features include a host of rendering and visualization capabilities due to advancements to its proprietary VGM code base, plus improvements to Spotlight, Landmark and Architect.


AIA: Pictures and Notes from the Entire Week in Chicago: Part 1

Pictures and Notes from AIA National 2014 in Chicago — we show our photos, expand our notes from our discussions with the leading AEC software companies in attendance at the show


Nemetschek AG names GRAPHISOFT and Vectorworks CEOs to Executive Board

Viktor Varkonyi, CEO of Graphisoft SE and Sean Flaherty, CEO of Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. have both been promoted to the Executive Board of Munich, Germany-based Nemetschek AG


Sean Flaherty talks to Architosh: On BIM and Vectorworks in Asia

Sean Flaherty, CEO of Nemetschek Vectorworks Inc., recently spoke with Architosh about everything from BIM, to China to if the “Holy Grail” of modeling in architecture was achievable in BIM. In this first of several parts feature interview, Flaherty talks to Architosh about BIM and Vectorworks in Japan and China.


Notes from Press Chat on Vectorworks 2012

Architosh attended Nemetschek Vectorworks’ Press Virtual Event prior to the new product’s announcement and here are some notes from that session


Top CAD/3D CEO’s Talk About Apple in the Industry

In our third article in our 2011 State of Apple in CAD/3D industries series, we deal with many of the bigger issues by speaking to several of the industry’s leading CAD/3D software CEOs and company presidents.


The iPad: How the CAD/3D industry is being changed

In our second article in our 2011 State of Apple in CAD/3D industries, we talk to five key CEOs in these industries and one expert on what the impact of the Apple iPad is having, as it helps reshape CAD and 3D.


Vectorworks 2010 available for Japan

Nemetschek NA and A&A Co. of Japan release Japanese version of Vectorworks 2010 product line in Japan


The new Vectorworks 2010 – Some More Details

In this article we discuss some more details behind Nemetschek North America’s Vectorworks 2010 release and product line, including background information on internal development strategies, market focus related to MEP and Structures integration via BIM and other key notes.


Nemetschek North America News: Economy, Light Plot, etc.

Nemetschek North America’s recent newsletter covers several interesting news items, including the Vectorworks Velcro Wall!!


Nemetschek going Green with packaging and paper

Nemetschek North America goes Green with new Packaging and Paper Use


Localized VectorWorks 2008 Launched in Japan

Nemetschek North America launches Japanese Language for VectorWorks 2008 in Japan


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