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AATEG: Project BEAM Aims to Tackle Early Stage Cost Control in AEC

Project BEAM is the next AATEG open participation group. You’re invited to help solve the gaps in AEC/O project cost control and cost management.


Architosh’s AEC Technology Evaluation Group (AATEG) is an open invitation group for AEC professionals reading Architosh or its monthly newsletter, Xpresso, to get involved in early-stage (alpha-beta) software and technology projects (software and hardware).

The primary incentives for users in the group are to help steer emerging technology solutions to be best aligned with their organizational and professional needs and to capture other early-stage perks, including preferred pricing and founder-level licensing agreements.

What is Project BEAM?

Project BEAM is a software platform for the AEC industry currently under early development. Here is a description from the team directly:

Today, in the project lifecycle of building projects, there are considerable gaps between project phases that result in dysfunctional cost planning and cost control.

While there exist many cost estimation tools within the BIM industry with a wide range of features, none of them help address the early-stage needs of cost control and cost management. Project BEAM aims to address this issue.

The Project BEAM AATEG Initiative is currently building out a core group of AEC professionals to be involved in the early-stage development vision for Project BEAM. Those interested in the open participation group are invited to take a brief survey about the BIM industry and cost estimation, take-off management, and cost data.

Project BEAM helps address cost gaps in the AEC industry.

Project BEAM is a new digital platform in early-stage development.

The editors of Architosh have identified AEC industry gaps not solved by current solutions. It is perfectly understandable, therefore, that the vast majority of projects in AEC run over budget and over schedule. How can new tools help address these industry shortfalls? What is needed? What solutions will best help architects to address their role in these shortcomings? What solutions will best help contractors, owners, engineers, et cetera? If you want to help answer these questions—even if you are not sure about joining the Project BEAM group—please start by taking this survey now.

Early Incentives

For those participants who join the Project BEAM initiative group within the AATEG, they will gain early access to alpha/beta phase tools, which may be suitable to put to test use with real projects. Additionally, participants will gain some access to collected survey data and research produced or co-produced by the Project BEAM developer. To join the group, you must begin by taking the survey here.

Q & A

What is Project BEAM?

Project BEAM is a new technology development in AEC.

What is Architosh’s involvement in Project BEAM?

Project BEAM is the early-stage development of a European software company. Architosh’s AEC Technology Evaluation Group (AATEG) is an open invitation group for “tech-forward” AEC/O industry professionals who want optional access to new and evolving technologies. As we wrote here and summarized below:

The AATEG (Architosh AEC Technology Evaluation Group) will serve as a pool of technology users who will be made aware of new product offerings (often not released) from AEC technology companies and have the opportunity to participate directly with those technology companies.

Ranging from startups and new entrants to very well-established AEC tech companies, all such companies often need to reach users in the AEC/O industry to help them evaluate emerging products and technologies, refine and redefine existing products and technologies, and otherwise reach out and learn from early adopter users who historically benefit from an outsized influence and impact on new digital technologies.

Architosh’s primary role with AATEG is to be a “connector” between AEC/O industry users and technology solution providers and innovators. You can learn more here.

Must I join AATEG to participate in Project BEAM initiatives?

No. You can sign up for AATEG if you wish to be aware of all such initiatives, from Project BEAM to others like it. The AATEG’s charter is flexible and will evolve over time. If you are only interested in Project BEAM, you can begin entry into the group by completing the quick survey. Those who complete it will be contacted afterward on the next steps.


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