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Latest Eptura Archibus updates

Latest Archibus enhances wayfinding, space management, and maintenance scheduling.


Worktech software developer Eptura has just announced a series of updates to its Archibus IWMS (integrated workplace management system). This latest version offers business users enhanced wayfinding capabilities. It also has improved insights for space planning and asset management and offers a streamlined maintenance technician experience.


These updates expand on the Eptura Archibus release that Architosh covered earlier this year. That version strengthened integrations with Autodesk and added the ability to acquire occupancy data from VergeSense sensors. Eptura CTO, Paul Phillips, tells us:


“For 40 years, building owners and operators worldwide — from government agencies to healthcare providers — have relied on Archibus to manage their real estate and asset portfolios. With our latest updates to Archibus, we’re putting more control directly in the hands of facility managers, building guests, and repair teams”



Demanding tasks

The demands on building operators have increased as they look to determine the right mix of spaces to support flexible work while controlling costs. Enhancements to the Eptura Archibus platform offer new ways to visualize space utilization. Consequently, this allows teams to better understand current needs and inform future real estate decisions.

Laptop computer displaying Eptura Archibus "space and portfolio planning console". Image Eptura.

Laptop computer displaying Eptura Archibus Space and Portfolio Planning Console. Image Eptura.

With the introduction of flexible work policies, today’s workplaces are bustling with various combinations of employees, maintenance personnel, and building guests flowing in and out of office spaces at various times. As revealed in Eptura’s Q1 2023 Workplace Index Report earlier this year, visitor check-ins are up 35% year-over-year. Moreover, room booking check-in rates are rising 76%.

This influx of traffic, paired with evolving floorplans to accommodate new ways of working, makes wayfinding more critical. This is especially true for visitors unfamiliar with the layout of a given workspace or multi-building campus.

Now offering integration with Mapsted’s indoor navigation, Eptura Archibus enables users to easily find their way around the office. Consequently, this ensures guests can quickly locate bookings and the people they are visiting.

The demands on building operators have also increased as they look to determine the right mix of spaces to support flexible work while controlling costs. Enhancements to the Archibus platform offer new ways to visualize space utilization. Consequently, this allows teams to better understand current needs and inform future real estate decisions.


For maintenance teams, office attendance correlates strongly with work orders and equipment inspection volumes. Updates to Archibus provide a more comprehensive view of pending requests and schedule availability. This is because it enables technicians to self-assign work orders and collect vital maintenance information. As a result, it expedites task completion and enhances worker safety.

As part of this series of updates, Eptura Archibus users can now:

  • Access and display DWG files, IFC models, and PDF files. This enables maintenance operatives to use architectural, building, and construction industry data within the Archibus BIM Viewer.
  • Allow technicians to self-assign work orders directly from the OnSite mobile app.
  • Enable users to find their way around offices or campuses by leveraging Mapsted’s indoor navigation from Archibus.
  • See which assets have the most or least remaining years of service by filtering on remaining service life.
  • Use fewer mouse clicks in order to take action on assets. These include reporting issues, updating asset descriptions, and editing related data directly within BIM Viewer.
  • Track when technicians are approaching their labor hours limit and send alerts from within OnSite.
  • Visualize space utilization trends to see averages and peaks.

“Technicians can input all the necessary information on their mobile devices instead of waiting to get back to their desktops,” explains Yuki Sawamoto, senior managing director of Eptura partner iSquared. “These users have growing responsibilities amid the resurgence we’re seeing across workspaces, and these enhancements enable them to tackle those responsibilities more efficiently.”

To learn more about how businesses use Archibus IWMS to optimize their assets and workplaces, please click here.

About Eptura

Eptura is a global work technology company that develops software to manage workplaces and assets. Eptura has 16.3 million users across 115 countries. More than 16,000 of the world’s leading companies use its products. Eptura is also an Autodesk Strategic Alliance Partner, working together to deliver integrated software packages. Please click here for more information.


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