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Eptura updates Archibus to better leverage BIM models

Eptura announces updates for Archibus Integrated Workplace Management System, including enhancements to its BIM viewer tool.


Eptura has just announced a series of updates to its integrated workplace management system, Archibus. These enhancements offer new capabilities in Archibus’s BIM (Building Information Modeling) viewer tool, allowing post-construction teams to manage their buildings more efficiently.

Reducing post-construction costs

In the lifecycle of a building, an estimated 80% of the costs are associated with the post-construction phase.

Eptura Archibus integrates with Autodesk. (Image: Autodesk.)

Eptura Archibus integrating with Autodesk design software. (Image: Autodesk.)

Thus making it crucial for data to transfer smoothly from construction over to post-building operators and ensure lifecycle continuity. Updates to Archibus’s BIM Viewer streamline the data flow through Autodesk projects. Archibus also offers facility managers more control over their preferred building models and views.

Consequently, space utilization data has become very important for planning teams. Especially planners tasked with recommending space consolidations and increases for their organizations. Eptura Chief Technical Officer Paul Phillips explains:


“Data is the ultimate driver behind space utilization decisions, and we strive to deliver the visibility and context on which our customers rely. In collaboration with partners like Autodesk and VergeSense, we’re able to rethink the way that organizations approach building operations and digitize components to more conveniently provide our customers with the decision-making tools they need.”


VergeSense integration

Archibus integrates with the VergeSense occupancy intelligence platform. Consequently, space planners can deploy sensor hardware and IoT occupancy sensors to document how workers use their workspaces. By bringing these data points into Archibus, users can enjoy highly accurate measurements of actual space utilization. This helps them organize and optimize their workspaces more efficiently and reduce costs.

Improvements to the Archibus Workplace app

Eptura has also improved the user experience within the Archibus Workplace app. Improvements have built upon its service request functionality, which it introduced to the mobile app earlier this year. As a result of the easy access to service request responses and document support, users can save time in the field by managing each step of the request process conveniently from their mobile devices.

“Autodesk customers are looking to maximize the lifecycle of their Autodesk Construction Cloud and Revit models beyond construction so that building management can efficiently maintain the space and assets,” said Autodesk’s Building Operations Manager, Susan Clarke, “Building information modeling in Archibus is accelerating the digitization of building operations by making custom 3D views, asset and maintenance data, and access to documents and files intuitive for facility teams around the world.”

Archibus is primarily aimed at finance and facility teams managing multiple properties. However, Archibus’s newest updates are also intended to simplify workflows for lease administrators too. As a result of juggling extensive lease portfolios, administrators may find themselves with ten or more lease renewals to manage at the end of a fiscal year. Archibus eases this burden with the introduction of bulk renewal capabilities, which can automatically generate new leases within minutes.

  • To learn more about how Archibus helps with building maintenance, please click here.
  • For more information concerning VergeSense, please click here.

About Eptura

Eptura is a global work technology company that develops software to manage workplaces and assets. Eptura has 16.3 million users across 115 countries. More than 16,000 of the world’s leading companies use its products. Eptura is also an Autodesk Strategic Alliance Partner, working together to deliver integrated software packages. For more information, please click here.


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