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Maxon One Updates — New Redshift Render Updates and More

Maxon Redshift Render gains new materials and more as part of Maxon One update pack.


Maxon, a subsidiary of The Nemetschek Group, has announced updates to its popular Maxon One product offering, with new Capsules plus updates to the Redshift renderer, Maxon’s very popular GPU/GPU-accelerated, biased 3D rendering software.

Maxon One Updates


For readers of this publication, the biggest news is directed at Redshift 3.5.13. The latest release of the rendering software includes Tile and Brick Shaders and Intel Denoiser for all DDCs. It also introduces a new Pavement Shader in Cinema 4D.

The new Tile and Brick Shader can define weaves, mosaics, and tile patterns using many different shapes. 3D artists and rendering professionals can lay bricks faster than any real stone mason with full control over the brick size, offset, and displacement. And the new procedural options deliver amazing options for architectural facades.

Maxon One updates include updates to Redshift render, plus a whole lot more.

The new Maxon One update includes 21 highly detailed fabrics compatible with Cinema 4D’s Cloth simulation system.

The Intel Denoiser 3D artists can eliminate fireflies and smooth out samples on any system. Intel’s Denoiser uses powerful AI to clean up renders, slashing render times. Use OIDN with any Redshift-compatible devices, but because it’s CPU and device-agnostic, it’s an especially great partner to Redshift CPU. Intel Open Image Denoiser furthermore now supports Maya, 3DS Max, Houdini, Katana, Hydra, and Blender.

Visualization professionals in the architectural space will especially appreciate the new Pavement Shader. With Redshift’s Pavement Shader, artists can generate a desert-like cracked pavement, flagstone mosaic patterns, and more. Artists can randomize the color of each stone with a gradient and adjust the size, color, and crookedness of gaps. To round things up, apply a smudge dirt effect over the whole shader. The new shader is only for Cinema 4D at this release but will soon come to other integrated DDCs.

New Capsules

New additions to the Capsules—Maxon’s collection of intelligent assets, materials, models, and presets adds two new node-based modifiers in Dash Spline and Trim Spline. These were crafted in partnership with Rocket Lasso.

Dash Spline allows artists to create all manner of stylized and broken line effects, including length of dash and gap sizes, variable dashes along a line, with auto or custom animation. Trim Spline lets artists easily animate segments of a spline for all types of variable and grow-on effects. These splines can be quickly rendered with Redshift’s curve rendering for a variety of FUI and graphic effects.

And There is More

Maxon has also added a collection of 21 highly detailed Redshift-enabled fabric materials that perfectly complement Cinema 4Ds Cloth simulation system.

This tactile collection captures the true texture, look and feel of curtains, cottons, silks and woven fabrics. All materials were created in partnership with design studio Fuchs & Vogel, and are available for Maxon One subscribers, with a selection available to all Cinema 4D subscribers. 

All updates are immediately available to subscribers via Maxon App and the Maxon Website


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