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Twinmotion Now Available to All Revit Subscribers

Revit users now benefit from the power of immersive, real-time rendering from Epic Games’ Twinmotion software.


At Autodesk University 2022 (AU22), the CAD industry giant stated that its new partnership with Epic Games would bring about access to Twinmotion for all Revit subscribers.

In November, Twinmotion for Revit did officially become available to Revit subscribers and will enable architects and designers to realize quick and seamless interactive renderings and animations from their BIM platform when pushing and integrating that BIM model into Twinmotion.

Revit and Twinmotion

Twinmotion has been at the center of the new wave of “interactive” or real-time rendering solutions in the AEC market, but what sets it apart from other leading solutions is that it is built on Epic’s Unreal game engine technology. This gives Twinmotion users a pathway to using Unreal Engine for more advanced visualization experiences.

Twinmotion is now included with Revit subscriptions.

Twinmotion for Revit is now available and was announced as coming at AU22.

Here are some details about Twinmotion for Revit:

  • Twinmotion is available for all Revit subscribers as part of their standalone Revit, AEC Collection, Flex, or EBA subscriptions.
  • Customers can launch Twinmotion directly from the Revit ribbon to use the intuitive creator environment to visualize design scenarios, quickly understand design options, reach decisions, and more.

The architectural industry is under immense pressure to deliver projects faster and at less cost, and this is creating opportunities for software investment to solve this problem, at least partially. Advances in hardware and software have made it possible to deliver cinematic quality visualization to the consumers of architectural services, upping the ante for expectations in delivery to clients.

Twinmotion is now included with Revit subscriptions.

Revit and Twinmotion side by side.

Architects benefit from having a fast and efficient workflow that accelerates the design process and increases certainty in how their designs will actually look, feel, and function. Twinmotion, paired with a BIM solution like Revit, delivers that kind of workflow.

Autodesk and Epic Collaborate

At AU22 Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost announced a new strategic collaboration between Autodesk and Epic Games that would focus on immersive real-time 3D experiences across all industries but starting with architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC).

The AEC industry is facing labor shortages, including in the engineering and architecture sectors. This means solutions must enable firms to generate more with less. The benefit of real-time technology is the ability to generate more “what ifs” per hour than traditional means of visualization. This benefits and accelerates solution-finding in addition to increasing certainty of design intent.

A blog at Epic says:

“The integration between Autodesk Revit and Twinmotion promises to deliver a truly seamless, real-time 3D experience for design professionals,” said Marc Petit, Epic Games’ Vice President, Unreal Engine Ecosystem. “We share a common goal with Autodesk, giving customers more time to be innovative. By tapping into Epic’s ecosystem of real-time 3D tools and libraries, users can spend more time bringing their designs to life and less time handling complex data and technical workflows.”

“We know our customers are looking for more visualization and collaboration experiences through extended reality,” said Autodesk EVP of AEC Design, Amy Bunszel. “Together with Epic Games, we will expand on what’s possible. In immersive environments, designers can communicate to their project teams and clients with unparalleled realism how projects will look and feel upon completion for better decision-making and outcomes.”

To learn more, visit here and here for Autodesk and Epic blogs, respectively.


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