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INSIDER Xpresso #11 — Interview Shares Details on Vectorworks’ Emerging Technologies Research Group

Vectorworks executives help us peer into the future of Vectorworks technologies—focusing on AAD (algorithm-aided design), AI and machine learning, AR and VR and much more


Are you a Vectorworks user? Were you once a Vectorworks user or thinking about becoming one? Then you will want to read this special feature published this past Sunday, inside Xpresso #11.

EmTech at Vectorworks

Executives spoke to us recently about Vectorworks’ advanced technologies research group and other forward-oriented technologies at the company. They gave us a clear vision about where some of the focuses will be in the near and possibly farther out—on topics like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). We also got the company to talk about the future of computational design a bit, particularly with reference to McNeel’s new Rhino-Inside API, currently one of the more exciting developments happening in the larger AEC space.

Is it possible we may see Rhino 3D hooked into future Vectorworks? What about Grasshopper?


A snippet from our Xpresso feature on emTech at Vectorworks.

These are some of the questions that got great discussion and some interesting answers. But it doesn’t stop there. The special feature discusses how their innovation processes actually work, how they draw from the whole company and when they go about doing that. Do they actually conduct pure research and how do they decide on what emerging technologies to focus on—ones on the edge of the market (with some degree of visibility) those not even visible yet?

Finally, we end the feature by asking Steve Johnson, vice president, product development, Vectorworks and Dave Donley, director of product technology, and head of the advanced research activities at Vectorworks, what are the top three areas of investigations into emergent technologies at Vectorworks? Their answers are really interesting—and not if are just a Vectorworks user—but any AEC CAD/BIM user.

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