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WorldViz has launched Vizard 6—Python-based VR development platform

The upgraded VR development platform for researchers and innovators includes new support for Windows MR headsets and easier 3D art workflows.


WorldViz of Santa Barbara, CA, has announced this week the release of Vizard 6, a new version of its Python-based virtual reality (VR) development platform.

WorldViz isn’t perhaps as well known to the Architosh audience as other VR software platforms like irisVR but the company is very well established across a wide array of industries and targets.

Vizard 6

The new developments include support for new third-party VR headsets and peripheral support, new support for the Khronos Group’s glTF file format, a new open-industry standard designed for the visualization industries, and broader support for Adobe’s Fuse CC.

WorldViz’s VR technologies are popular with researchers and innovators. Readers interested can get started for free at, or contact the company to get a demo of Vizard 6 at the upcoming SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver.

With its unique adaptability and extensibility, Vizard is a robust development environment for scientific grade VR and has long been the chosen engine within the R&D community, whether in university or business settings. It allows users to develop precise and complex simulations that connect to VR headsets, CAVEs and Powerwalls, head/hand trackers and motion capture systems, and specialty devices such as eye trackers, haptic feedback devices and bio-physiological sensors such as EEGs, EKGs and GSRs.

01 – WorldViz announces Vizard 6 python based VR development platform for researchers and innovators.

Vizard 6 features an embedded Python interface; the user experience is friendly, straightforward and open. Users don’t need to be computer programmers to get started. The release of Vizard 6 builds on this foundation with features that cater directly to its core audience of researchers and innovators. 

“Vizard continues to show that there is a growing need for VR development tools that target professional audiences with specific research and business needs — needs for which game engines aren’t always the best option,” said Andrew Beall, CEO of WorldViz. “For example, Vizard lets users take advantage of open source Python libraries that are widely used by the research community, and supports a range of hardware peripherals and tracking tools that aren’t needed in the games and entertainment world. With Vizard 6, we have focused our attention on hardware and graphics, which were the two most requested areas of our audience.”

New Device Support and More

Vizard 6 now supports for all Windows Mixed Reality headsets and a number of new peripherals, including the Manus VR Gloves and Tobii eye-tracking hardware. This adds to the over 150 other devices and peripherals, including HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Vizard now embraces the new 3D model format glTF, which improves graphics rendering and aids in new and simplified workflows out of Revit, Solidworks, Maya, Blender, SketchUp, Modo, Substance Painter and more, as well as access to over 150,000 models in  the SketchFab library.

Vizard now supports avatars from Adobe’s Fuse CC in addition to its inherent avatars. The program also allows the for the ease of customization of the avatars, including importation of associated data and skeletons attached.

The company will be at SIGGRAPH 2018 at booth 1045.

To learn more visit the WorldViz website here.

About WorldViz

Based in Santa Barbara, CA, WorldViz is an industry-leading provider of virtual reality (VR) solutions for the enterprise and public sectors. Its patented VR products and solutions are deployed across 1500+ Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions and government agencies. Backed by Intel Capital, WorldViz?s core products include Vizible, a communication solution for sales professionals, Vizard, the premier development platform for professional VR application design, and VizMove, the world?s only enterprise-class VR software and hardware solution. WorldViz also offers a high-precision “warehouse-scale” motion tracking system called PPT, and professional consulting and content creation services. WorldViz products and services help businesses solve real-world challenges in areas such as sales, product design, education, training, marketing, consumer research and many others. For more information, visit

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