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HOOPS Exchange 2018—Bolsters AutoCAD and iOS Support and Siemens Parasolid Integration

The world’s most used CAD platform, geometry modeling kernel, and the world’s most professionally utilized mobile operating system all got extended support in TechSoft 3D’s HOOPS Exchange 2018 update.


The latest version of HOOPS Exchange provides world-class data access and reuse of CAD data for mobile, web, and desktop applications, including major CAD platforms and file formats.

Tech Soft 3D, a leading provider of software development toolkits (SDKs) and the leading supplier of 3D PDF solutions technology for the engineering CAD markets, has recently advanced its HOOPS® Exchange 2018 toolkit, the industry’s fastest and most accurate CAD data reuse solution.

HOOPS Exchange 2018

HOOPS Exchange 2018 provides an unprecedented ability to enable engineering software developers to create mobile apps that can translate CAD data natively within the app.

Key Takeaways

It is important to note the strong partnering between Siemens Parasolid and Tech Soft 3D as witnessed in this latest release. The first company arguably has the most advanced geometry modeling kernel (geometric modeling engine) in the world, while the second company arguably provides the best path forward to bringing powerful CAD and 3D tools to the iOS platform. 

“The world has gone mobile, and our partners continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible for engineering software development on mobile technology – our mission is to help them create the best, most sophisticated engineering applications in the quickest, easiest way possible,” said Eric Vinchon, VP of Product Strategy. “We have also improved support for desktop and web applications, and we continue to provide support for all current CAD file formats, enabling our partners to focus on creating the applications their customers need.”

01 – Apple’s iOS platform is a major mobile platform for the engineering software market and the new Exchange supports IGES, STEP and Parasolid integration on iOS. (image: Tech Soft 3D / Architosh. All rights reserved.)

HOOPS Exchange 2018 supports SOLIDWORKS 2018, Solid Edge ST10, AutoCAD DWG and DXF, CATIA 3D XML BREP, and many other industry standards. With broad support for reading/writing to key CAD file formats, the updated SDK helps CAD and non-CAD software developers to avoid developing “in-house” file-reading technology and lessons dependencies on proprietary CAD systems.

Additional Siemens’ Parasolid integration improvements include support of Convergent Modeling, allowing the import/export of its faceted geometry. Improvements are also made in Parasolid multi-process export, sewing, and healing performance, extending HOOPS Exchange’s superiority as the most tightly integrated data reuse solution for working with Parasolid data.

About HOOPS Exchange

HOOPS Exchange delivers complete, cost-effective, and accurate 3D CAD data access to multiple file formats faster than any other solution. Companies such as Aras, 3D Systems, GrabCAD (now Stratasys), Actify, New River Kinematics, DP Technology, Shapr3D, CD-adapco and many more rely on HOOPS Exchange’s underlying technology to give their desktop, mobile, cloud or enterprise applications a competitive edge. Developers interested in exploring the capabilities of the HOOPS Exchange API can download a demo, or build a prototype by requesting a free 60-day evaluation.

Architosh Commentary

HOOPS is a very key CAD data translation SDK (software developer toolkit), and it is technology also utilized in the new Shapr3D application designed exclusively for the Apple iMac Pro with Pencil. HOOPS Exchange means more than 20 CAD data file formats can be supported into any application with a single interface option. Tech Soft 3D will likely grow in importance to the Apple platform as more and more advanced iOS-based tools, like Shapr3D come to fruition. 


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