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On Air—Virtual Reality, Architects and the Future with Pete Evans

Insight On Business the News Hour by Michael Libbie hosts guest Pete Evans, AIA, on a discussion about virtual reality, architects, and the future.


Pete Evans, AIA, senior lecturer at Iowa State University and senior associate editor at Architosh, has been featured on the radio as part of a series running concurrently with the 2017 Fall Convention of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Iowa Chapter in Des Moines for Cohesion.

Virtual Reality, Architects, and the Future

Evans mentions the strength of Iowa State University within the larger context of architectural education in the United States; notwithstanding the fact that Iowa is a rural state Evans makes clear that the university has established leadership in many areas.

Evans in the interview discusses what is happening with virtual reality (VR) technologies in the AEC space and specifically from the architect’s role.

01 – Architosh Senior Associate Editor, Pete Evans, AIA, on the Insight On Business the News Hour radio show in the Midwest – talking about Virtual Reality in Architecture and the Future.

Evans makes note that firms in the state are actively utilizing advanced VR technologies in practice today. Evans makes an important point that kids today are experiencing VR technologies today, and many in school-related programs, essentially “apprenticing” in VR. When they reach the market out of college they will have already had years of experience utilizing and understanding the role VR can play in communication and experiences.

To listen to the radio session go here. (you may need to scroll down 09/28/2017)

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