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irisVR Announces Prospect 1.5 Is Available—New 360-Degree Panoramas Support

Prospect 1.5 is the release irisVR users have requested—new 360 pano support, link from Prospect to Scope, and numerous user-requested improvements in one of the best VR software solutions on the market.


irisVR is an award-winning virtual reality software company and they have announced that their Prospect application is now at version 1.5.

New in Prospect 1.5

New in Prospect 1.5 is the 360-degree Capture tool. With this new feature, users can easily capture stereoscopic panoramas with Prospect that can be viewed in Scope.

The new technology in the 360-degree Capture tool in Prospect connects irisVR’s desktop and mobile VR experiences for the first time. The stereoscopic panoramas produced from within Prospect can be uploaded and viewed within Scope. Users upload the panos into the Scope library to sync with their mobile devices.

01 – irisVR’s new Prospect 1.5 offers 360-degree pano output and more features.

The standard capture tool and the 360-degree capture tool are now within the same menu interface in the latest Prospect 1.5. Hovering over image thumbnails in Prospect 1.5 will show which captures are panoramas with a 360-degree icon indicator.

Other updates include:

  • New Layer Toggle Control — Prospect 1.5 adds the ability to toggle on and off layers while in Scale Model Mode.
  • Brush Tool Fixes — You can now adjust the size of the Brush tool from within the UI
  • In-VR Viewpoints Menu Added — via a new interface within Prospect the user can now browse and quickly jump between all viewpoints present in the model (no keyboard required, optionally, of course.)
  • Display Settings Addition — The in-VR menu now lets you adjust display settings where the user can turn materials on or off, outlines on or off.

irisVR’s new Prospect 1.5 is loaded with many new useful features beyond the 360-degree Capture tool. To learn more visit them online here or their blog here.


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