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Mac 3D: New V-Ray Showreel 2016 Out—Stunning Imagery

Visually stunning show reel by Chaos Group is released for the year. Their 2016 show piece is quite fetching and you will notice films you probably didn’t think V-Ray was involved in.


The Chaos Group, the makers of the popular V-Ray renderer software for multiple 3D workflows and applications, has released their brand new V-Ray SHOWREEL 2016 on YouTube.

“We are proud to share our 2016 showreel and eternally grateful to everyone who provided the stunning visuals,” says the company in an email newsletter blast. “Thanks for making us look good.”


Contributors to the how reel include:

  • 4th Creative Party
  • A52/Elastic
  • Armstrong White
  • Atomic Fiction
  • Black
  • Blur Studio
  • Bottleship VFX
  • Buck
  • Cosa VFX
  • Encore
  • FuseFX
  • Iloura
  • Ingenuity Studios
  • Korb
  • Locus
  • Mackevision
  • Mighty Nice
  • MPC
  • Mr. X
  • Plastic Wax
  • Pixomondo
  • RealtimeUK
  • Scanline VFX
  • Square Enix
  • Squint/Opera
  • Tax Free Film
  • The Outpost
  • Vector Zero
  • Zion Studios

To take a look at the showreel for 2016 by Chaos Group go here or look below.

Click on the YouTube embed to watch it larger or at YouTube directly.

Architosh Analysis

Although V-Ray is extremely well-regarded within the architectural visualization market, one can see from the show reel how much V-Ray is being used inside other industry pipelines, like film, games and animation.

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